Eygalieres, Hiking and Biking in Provence, The South of France
  • Eygalieres Area Villages
St Remy  and Mouries provide great hiking with trails connecting the villages through the the rocky hills of the Alpilles.
The back roads between Eygalieres and
Les Baux provide  biking to the villages for market days and sightseeing.
Hiking and Biking in Provence
Eygalieres in  Provence offers
hiking and biking amid ancient ruins and preserved churches in the Alpilles Hills.  
There are many options for lodging in Eygalieres including two Campgrounds
Early June in Provence is still not high season
Eygalieres, Hiking and Biking in Provence: The end of June brings the sunflowers to the fields and the fresh cherries, apricots, tomatoes, and zucchinis to the village markets.
Eygalieres in Provence is connected by back roads to Mouries, St Remy and Les Baux, making great biking between villages.
  • Eygalieres Sightseeing
Eygalieres offers some ancient buildings and ancient customs  On the hill above the village the Church of Saint Laurent is mentioned in church document dated 1155.  The Chapel of St Sixte, a mile east of the village,  was dedicated by the people of Eygalieres in 1222.
The builders located St, Sixte's chapel over a neolithic monument to a water god from which a spring of fresh water seeps,  according to local legend.
This had long been a sacred place for the farmers of Eygalieres.
The Alpilles Hills near Eygalieres
  • Eygalieres Hiking
Shepherds tend flocks of sheep in the fields and hills around Eygalieres
There are many trails for hiking, some carefully marked for hikers such as the GR 6, located east of this road the D25 to Eyguieres and Salon de Provence, others just ancient paths between villages used by the farmers and shepherds.
  • Festival
Each year on the tuesday after Easter the Saint Sixte Chapel is the scene of Eygalieres  Spring Festival.
Eygalieres Camping
  • Les Oliviers  
Avenue Jean Jaurès, 13810 Eygalières, Provence Alpes Cote, France
  • Le Pesquié
- Route du Mas d'Aubergue - 13810 EYGALIERES
Tel: 0 (033) 4 90 95 99 50 - Fax: 0 (033) 4 90 95 96 63 - lepesquie84@orange.fr
  • Eygalieres Rock climbing  
Rock climbing sites nearby: Orgon,  Aureille,  and Mouriès
  •  Roman Ruins
Glanum is a large Roman city near Saint Remy.   The hiking trail GR-6 runs from Eygalieres over some steep Alpilles terrain to the ruin site.
  • Golf  
Near Les Baux  and just north of Mouries there are courses. Tennis, horseback  riding are nearby
  • Gliding
A small strip just northwest of Eygalieres Village offers glider flights.
Eygalieres hiking and biking in Provence offers trails through the Alpilles Hills and country roads that connect the villages. June brings sunflowers to the fields and cherries and apricots to market for  culinary adventures after hiking and biking.
  • Eygalieres Hiking
Hiking trails lace the hills surrounding Eygalieres as part of the Parc Naturel les Alpilles, a range of small mountains to 1200 feet.  The trails connect the villages of Saint Remy, Aurielle, Mouries, and les Baux-de Provence  through the groves of olive trees and vineyards in the valleys of the Alpilles Hills.
  • Biking
The back roads provide  biking on well-paved roads that do not see much traffic.  
  • Eygalieres Lodging
A varied selection of rental apartments and houses that include camping cabins make Eygalieres an ideal area for a biking, hiking, and the culinary vacation
The road between Les Baux de Provence and Eygalieres offers  hiking and biking in  Provence the south of France
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Provence, France
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Eygalieres Provence Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Camping
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Eygalieres, Hiking and Biking
Hiking and Cliff Climbing Eygalieres and Mouries
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