Eygalieres Provence Vacation
Eygalieres Provence
Eygalieres Provence Vacation Biking Near Mouries on the D-24
Eygalieres Provence
Eygalieres  Provence,Hiking, Biking, and Culinary Vacations
Shepherds tend flocks in the Alpilles Hills around Mouriès,  Aureille, and Eygalieres
  • Biking Eygalieres
Eygalieres is impressive as you approach by bike on the D24.  From the valley,  you see the remains of the 12 th Century church  and château occupying  the hilltop. This is the church of St Laurent, the patron saint of Eygalieres who is honored with a festival on August 10.
  • Roman Ruins
The village center of Eygalieres is a welcome stop for a coffee or a glass of wine at the sidewalk cafés.
Provence offers some great hiking on the hilltop amid the old ruins.  Other ruins nearby at Glanum date to the
1st century Romans and others like the St Sixte Chapel, a nicely preserved building  just a mile east of Eygalieres center on the Orgon road, dates to the 12 century.  
  • Parc Naturel les Alpilles
Eygalieres is at the eastern edge of the Parc Naturel les Alpilles, a preserve of low mountains that reach 1200 feet.  The western edge of the range is at Fontvieille near Arles.
Well-paved country roads connect the towns within the park:
St Remy,  Mouries, Aurielle, Les-Baux, Maussane-Les-Alpilles, and Fontvieille.
  • Tradition
At the top of the hill in Eygalieres only small portions of the old walls remain but Eygalieres still carries on the traditions of honoring its ancient customs and its patron saints. If you are there the Tuesday after Easter you will see the festivals honoring the martyred Pope St. Sixte II as the procession walks towards the chapel dedicated to this 3rd century saint accompanied by Camargue Guardians on white horses and men and women dressed in the costumes of Arles.  

They walk to the
Chapel of Saint Sixte and celebrate mass in the ancient language of Provencals.
Biking south east of Eygalieres on the road to Les Baux de Provence
Biking the country roads between Les Baux, Saint Remy and  Eygalieres
Eygalieres Provence Vacation Biking
Eygalieres Provence Hiking
Eygalieres Provence
Provence Vacation Biking Near Mouries
The back roads between Eygalieres and Saint Remy make great biking and hiking. Roads connect Les Baux, Saint Remy, Mouries, and Eygalieres
Rock Climbing sites Near Eygalieres: Orgon, Aureille, and Mouriès.
Golf, tennis, horseback riding, and gliding are nearby
Eygalieres  Provence, hiking and  biking the back roads of Provence while on a culinary vacations in the South of France.
Eygalieres  provides a great base for hiking, biking, and the culinary Vacation.
The GR 6 hiking trail crosses the D24 nearby to continue west to Saint Remy , Les Baux, Tarascon, and eventually, Atlantic Coast France.  
Eygalieres  Provence offers hiking on back roads and the GR 6 Trail which comes north from Eyguieres in the distance and crosses this road a few miles west of Eygalieres
Eygalieres Provence offers great hiking and biking amid old Roman ruins, some that date to the 1st century and other buildings like the St Sixte Chapel, a 12th  century church just a mile east of Eygalieres Village on the Orgon road.  
Eygalieres offers a great location for hiking, biking, and the culinary vacation.  Hike amid old Roman ruins, some that date to the 1st century.  Other ruins like the Saint Laurent Church (photo center) on the hill above the village of Eygalieres  and others like the St Sixte Chapel, a 12th  century chapel just a mile hike or bike ride east of Eygalieres center on the Orgon road.  
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Provence, France
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In France and Italy you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license    Italian law, however,  requires that.....  See Article
Where is Eygalieres Hiking, Biking, Climbing,
Eygalieres is a picturesque village with 11th Century ruins on the hill above the town.
When To Go To Eygalieres Provence:   
March to November
is a good time to visit Provence although November and March will
have more rainy days.  Winter months are without snow but could be cold and there could
be a Mistral wind.  Otherwise it rarely becomes extremely cold except in the higher
elevations.  Provence biking and hiking is good any season except that during
July, August,
and the first half of
September some woods and trails will be closed due to fire hazard.
 The weather in Provence is temperate
March, April (50-75 F) and May and the early
part of June.  These month are considered low season in terms of lodging prices.  
The end of June, and all of July and  August can be crowded at times in Provence as much
of Europe takes its summer vacation.  Much of France goes on a six-week July August  
vacation and many people head south.   
Summer months are warm and dry.  September to mid November offer low season vacation
rental prices.  Weather is ideal in May and June and September October, great months to visit.
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration in the summer, more
frequent November to March.  The Eygalieres area Provence is notable dry in summer
and depends on irrigation for agriculture.
Eygalieres  Hiking, Biking,
and Culinary Vacations
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