Flights To Oaxaca City, Mexico  (OAX)
Air Travel to Oaxaca Mexico, (OAX)
:Mexico city is at 7400 feet above sea level, Oaxaca is at 5000  Drink plenty of water and avoid the head ache and worn out feeling that the altitude in Mexico's airport, a place  with bad air, can give a flatlander .

You are better able to handle the rigors of flight if you drink plenty  of  water not tea or coffee before and during a flight. Although you might love a beer or glass of Cabernet, coffee, tea, and alcohol  can dehydrate and add to the problem that the filtered and dried air on the plane and the altitude can cause. Book a seat on the aisle unless you like to look out the window, A seat on the aisle  makes trips to the lavatory more convenient.
The Transportation Safety Authority publishes a helpful web page listing the latest security procedures.  These tips can save you time and money through security check points.  Mexico follows similar security procedures and might include a random hand inspection of checked luggage
Try to save time and money on Air Travel by having the latest TSA Security  information on transporting film, digital equipment, medicines, liquids, face creams, perfumes and other normally carry-on items.
If you are going to Oaxaca for a week or two, start Saving on Air Travel by parking your car for free at airport hotels in 60 US cities
The early shuttle from the hotel to the airline terminal will allow you to book an early flight and save money on the airfare. Two weeks of free parking offsets the cost of the hotel room and you do not need to arrange for a limo to and from the airport. Most hotels in this program offer two weeks parking with one night stay, some offer three weeks free parking.
The flight to Oaxaca from the east coast could take three changes of planes so the
early flight will allow you to build in adequate layover times between flights and still make Oaxaca in one day.
The Oaxaca  flight could  require three changes of planes (two stops) you therefore should get an early flight and build in enough time between planes to anticipate late arrivals and departures.

Two hours between planes and perhaps three in Mexico City where you could go through customs and immigration gives  a comfort zone and allows for weather delays and other unexpected delays.

Continental runs direct flights from Houston which save time.  
You go through customs and immigration in the small modern airport of Oaxaca  (OAX).  Flights are limited;  shop on the web.
Air travel to Oaxaca Mexico: Connections,  Save Time by making Realistic connections
When booking a flight to Oaxaca,  try to be realistic about your ability to get from one gate to another in time to make a connection especially on the flight to Oaxaca where you will  likely go through customs and immigration in Mexico City.
International connections could require three hours for customs, immigration, and change of terminal from domestic to International,
Once in the airport and making a connection to another flight, ask continually as you move through the airport towards the gate. It never seems to fail that the information that one person gives about a gate will  change within an hour, especially in Mexico City's airport.
The gate is not assigned until the airplane lands and pulls to the available gate.  
Delays: Airports have been disclosing a 25% late arrival and departure rate and very often the gate will change or does not get assigned until the plane lands. Although you may be told that the plane will be at a certain gate or terminal, this could change at the last minute because the systems are stressed and late planes stack up.
Seat Assignment
All airline seats are not the same. Some do not recline, others have no storage beneath the seat,  Those in front of the exit rows and at the back of the airplane will not recline. Also, the seats in the back might be narrower and the seats at the escape doors might not have storage beneath the seat for your carry-on. )

Check into earplugs or use a headset that deadens sound. Consider the six or more hours that you will spend subjected to the low roar of the jet engine and the damage that could do to your hearing. Behind the engines is the loudest place, usually at the back of the airplane.
If you establish  a Frequent Flier account with your usual airline you will be able to get assigned seat. Otherwise you will be assigned when you get a boarding pass with several of the airlines. They hold back assigning seats in order to leave the more choice seats, those forward,  for passengers that will upgrade for an additional fee.
Before your trip to Oaxaca check the latest guides for Mexican customs. If you bring two laptops, for instance, you could be asked to pay duty on one of them. Mexico has a tax on luxury items
Oaxaca has some interesting festival like Day of the Dead,
Christmas, Navidad,  and Semana Santa or Holy Week and Easter.

These can be busy times for Oaxaca and although festive and worth the trip, you need to make reservations well ahead of these holidays.
Travelling to Oaxaca
Sightseeing in Oaxaca
Shopping in Oaxaca
Dining in Oaxaca
Lodging In Oaxaca
Sightseeing in Oaxaca
Sightseeing in Oaxaca
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Festival in Oaxaca
Oaxaca's small but modern jet port is called Xoxocotlan  (OAX)    Taxi service is  the less expensive shared taxis called collectivos.  
At the airport in Oaxaca  (OAX) inspectors will run your luggage through an xray when you arrive.  They are looking for taxable items.  
Security: On trips to Oaxaca, security in Mexico City is apt to visually inspect luggage as well as x-ray. To move quickly through security  try to wear no metal and this includes glasses, belts, shoes, coins, and keys. search. Put everything of metal in your carry-on and pass it through the x-ray.

Film and Digital Storage:
Some airports will hand inspect film others will not. The TSA people operate on the premise that x-ray will not hurt low-speed film. ( below ISO 80)   Clear plastic bag for  film.  TSA claims that  films below ISO 800 will survive  up to 5  X-rays at the level used in airports and this is the standard they have adopted.

They make exceptions for pushed film, underexposed film and special films)  See Link  
Try to get to the security check early before the rush puts the inspectors on edge. Ask for a hand inspection and  have the film in a clear plastic bag or bags while explaining that  it is professional film, that it will go through several checkpoints, and that you can not risk damage. You can do no more than that unless you can buy your film in the country you visit and have it processed there. In Oaxaca City there are no  shops left that still will process medium format transparency film, several still do slide and C41.
They send medium format to Mexico City
In any event film should not go in checked luggage were the x-ray used is much more powerful.
Wear No Metal:
It speeds you through if you do not have any metal on your person when going through the check station because if the inspectors do a body scan you will be separated from your carry-on luggage for a time and there have been instances where, under the stressful conditions at the security checks, people have taken the wrong luggage. (bags tend to look similar.)
By attaching a bright red card with your contact info on both your checked and on your carry-on luggage you can distinguish your bags. Your hotel address in the country on a card within the bag and on the outside of the bag may be an added safeguard.
Oaxaca Taxis
Once you reach Oaxaca's airport (OAX) you will find shared taxis (vans) for an inexpensive ride into the city. They will drop you wherever you want to go
Rental cars are available at the airport and in the city
Oaxaca ATM s
Many ATMs are available that dispense the peso at a fair rate of exchange. You can find a swipe type at Banamex , one block east of the northeast corner of the Zocalo, corner of Hidalgo and Lopez
Mountains of Oaxaca State
Oaxaca has an ideal temperature with warm days and cool nights. Men and women rarely wear shorts except at the beach. In Oaxaca you can keep your wardrobe simple and base it on a few neutral colors like brown and black. Formal events are rare but a suit jacket and a tie for the man and dress for the woman will cover most formal events like a wedding.
Black does not show wrinkles. Accessorize with colorful scarves.
Shopping for them in Oaxaca where colorful shawls and scarves are made. It can be fun shopping in Oaxaca and it only takes three or four scarves to add a different accent of color each day. Any color harmonizes with the basic brown, grey, or black. A scarf can go around the neck, around the waist, or on the head and can add a lively accent to the simple brown or black.
Men can stick to the basic black or brown also and bring a few colorful sweaters to accent. Oaxaca nights can be cool in the winter, the city is at 5000 feet elevation.
Formal attire for a wedding or church service (necktie for the man, dress for the woman) would be handy but for the most part casual clothing is the norm in Oaxaca.
Flights to Oaxaca City Mexico could be direct from Houston or Air Travel to Oaxaca could go through Mexico City.  Shop ahead on the web and Save Time and Money
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