Flights to Rome, Italy, FCO Airport  
Air Travel Reservations to Rome You can save money by shopping well ahead of your flight but connections must be realistic.  

an you really run from the international terminal to the domestic terminal in an hour?  Give yourself about two and a half to three hours for a connection that requires a trip through customs and immigration.
If you are traveling to Rome from the United States, a good bet is to fly into New York City or other east coast city and then board a non-stop flight to Leonardo De Vinci Airport in Rome, (Commonly called Fuimicino,
 FCO) where you will go through customs and immigration.  That way you will have no anxiety about making a connection after the customs/immigration check.

Otherwise you might go through Ireland's Shannon or London's Heathrow, through Munich, Amsterdam, or other city  where you will go through customs and immigration and could be delayed for your flight to Rome.
Air Travel
Fuimicino Airport, FCO Rome,
If You will rent a vehicle in Rome, check well ahead of your trip.  Shop for deals and keep in mind luggage space, diesel or gas, drop-off.  Check the easy air and hotel booking system on the web.  You can shop for Air ticket selection, price, Rental Auto return policy, and Hotel rooms .
Speed limits in Italy will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are rental car companies will ask only for your home State drivers license and passport
Information for those Renting a vehicle in Rome
Leonardo Da Vinci Airport  FCO, is a big sprawling terminal about a forty minute drive south west of Rome.  The airport has everything the traveler needs including hotels, rental cars, bus and train service.
Surface transportation connects to Rome's subway system.
The best option is to
rent a car at the airport, taxi into Rome, or arrange a hotel shuttle to Rome  

(Note: Vehicle rentals at the airport include an airport tax)

Nonstop trains run to Rome's Termini Train Station  from 7:30 am to 10  Pm
The licensed Taxis with a meter are the best option.
itineraries and connections.  when shoppping air travel on the web.
While shopping for air travel on the web will take a little patience and perseverance, the savings can be significant.  
Adequate connection times will be important to keep in mind as will Security procedures.  Also important to your anxiety reduction is getting an assigned seat well before your flight.  Book your hotel ahead of your trip and avoid trying to shop for a hotel while you arejet-lagged. Shop Hotels Here for photos, Maps, reviews, and Room Rates
When shopping for fights to Rome
look for realistic connections.
If you will go through an international terminal allow two and a half to three hours.
Air Travel To Rome,  (FCO)
The cheapest flight might not be the best ride.  Are connections realistic, too short a layover time, or too long.  
Will you make three connections?  
Shop on line and compare the lowest fare with the fare that is nonstop or makes only one connection. The difference might be less than you think and could save you time and aggravation.
What To Wear in Rome:
You can travel light to Rome and save on baggage charges.   
Rome is warm year round so you can keep your wardrobe simple.  Base it on a few neutral colors like brown and black to travel light and flexible.
Black is a popular color for clothing in Italy and does not show wrinkles. Add accent with colorful scarves. Shopping for them in Rome could be fun and it only takes three or four to add a different accent of color each day. Any color harmonizes with the basic brown, grey, or black. A scarf can go around the neck, around the waist, or on the head and can add a lively accent to the simple brown or black.
Men can stick to the basic black or brown also and bring a few colorful sweaters to accent. Rome is a sophisticated city and could require formal dress in some restaurants (Necktie suit jacket, dress) Rome has a climate similar to the mid USA at sea level, cool Dec. Jan. 40s but no ice or snow, warm summers, June July August, 80s  possible light rain in Spring.
Note: Nonstop trains run from the airport to Rome's Termini Train Station  from 7:30 am to 10  Pm
Flights to Rome, Italy serve FCO Airport,a flight hub named after the town 40 minutes outside of Rome on the coast. The airport is also called Leonardo da Vinci. 
Rome Photos by Rain Rodolph
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