France Rental Car, France Car Hire,
 Luggage Space, Standard Shift
Driving in France:
Speed Limits
Speed limits in Europe are
by KPH: Kilometers pe
r hour and are clearly
marked along most
roads in France, often
with flashing lights.          
Berms,or speed bumps
are used to slow traffic
but are not too large and
 in limited numbers.
They are  marked by a
tent like symbol that will
look like the symbol for a
Speed limits are clearly posted as above; this is 80.77 mph when clear, 68.35 in the rain  130 Kilometers per hour on a clear day 110 in the rain,
speed limits through villages will be greatly reduced and enforced
Car Rental, Luggage Space
When shopping for a rental car, you should consider your need for luggage space when determining size of the vehicle. Some agencies suggest the number of bags that each model can carry,
Shop on line well ahead of your trip.
Another important consideration will be your ability to drive a standard shift vehicle.  You will find Highway driving is just like highway travel in the US with toll tickets, rest areas, food and gas stops all being very similar but hill villages will require skill with the clutch in standard shift vehicles.
Familiarity with the
International  Driving Symbols would help. A map legend will have explanations of  the various  symbols and road sign logos.
Car Rental,  Luggage Space, Standard Shift, International Traffic Symbols
France Rental Car and Car Hire considerations are Luggage Space, Standard Shift, AC and Diesel.
Shop for Discount auto rentals and car rental deals including airport auto rentals on the web. Shop options: cell phone, GPS, economy car hire,  baby car seat, Baby Carriage.
In France the Car Rental, the vehicles, and the Traffic Laws,  vary little from the US or Canada.
International Traffic Symbols are graphic rather than language based as in the US
An exit sign showing the route number of the feeder road with the towns listed.  The speed limit is listed on a white sign with a red circle: 90 KM per hour or about 56 miles per
Car Rental can be booked on  line through Auto Europe.  They broker the best deal with agencies located in all major cities and at TGV train stations in the smaller cities like Avignon
Standard shift rental will be the least expensive but require skill with the clutch in the hillside villages.
Driving in France is done on the right side and is  similar to the USA, Canada, and Mexico
Return the rental car with an empty tank?  See Policy details

The web offers selection, price, and ease of booking online. Shop well ahead of your trip and choose diesel or gas, luggage space, standard or automatic, two door, four door and other options.  Reserve extras such as baby seats, strollers, telephones.

Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations.
Information for those renting a vehicle in France and Italy
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France Auto Rental highway safety equpment included
Seatbelt use is required in France.  
Children under ten should not ride in front and must use seat belts or,
for a small child, a
car seat is mandatory.  Book the car seat well
ahead of your arrival date.

On the highway, keep to the right except to pass, Speed limits for
clear days and lower limits for rainy days, and reduced speed for
exits make France's highways familiar to the North American driver.  

Lights on in low visibility                 
Gassing your vehicle is similar to the procedure in the US including
self service feature, automatic shut off pumps, and the use of
the credit card.
Diesel is common in France and called Gazole.

All cell phone use is prohibited while driving in France
Safety Equipment

The vehicle should
have a
reflective warning

and a
reflective jacket
on board in case of
breakdown or flat tire.

The rental agency
will supply these
Renting A Car In France, Safety Equipment Required, Auto Rental France, Car Hire
France Auto rental includes required safety equipment
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