Canyon Tour
Maps show roads leading  
north and south out of Las
Vegas to places with tons of
elbow room. A loop around
the Colorado River will put
you within nearly a dozen
spectacular red rock canyons
including both the north and
south rim of the Grand
Grand Canyon, South Rim sunset
Zion Canyon
To keep congestion down, Park Service shuttles take visitors to view the most scenic sections of Zion’s
twisted stone and sculpted spires. Zion’s 1920s era Zion-Mount Carmel tunnel leads up and out to the
road for Brice or to the Grand Canyon. Freedonia marks Route 89 heading north.   

You'll find all the elbow room you could ever want after you pass through a few little towns and take a die-
straight road that makes a bee line for the north rim as it cuts through the desert sage and creosote bush
of the Kaibab plateau. Forty miles of blacktop skirts the Vermilion Cliffs on the left, a plain to the canyon
on the right,  and makes for the open road to infinity ahead.  
Marble Canyon
You leave the Grand Canyon and continue east beside the Vermilion Cliffs and enter
Marble Canyon. Here it is worth a stop to see
Lees Ferry and watch a trip outfitter
provision their huge
inflatable rafts for a 200 mile trip through the Grand Canyon on
Colorado River.

Antelope Slot Canyon
Another stop on a tour around the Colorado's canyons  should be slot canyons of
Antelope Pass at 6,533  feet elevation  for the great views of the valley of the
Colorado River and then enjoy a long downhill glide to Page where you might be
thinking mirage when you see the enigmatic towers of the Navajo Power Plant on
Route 98. They loom over
Antelope Canyon, a wash that is dry most of the year but
when Antelope Creek conveys huge amounts of flood water through the rocks during
storms, they have carved out the most
unusual rock formations in the hidden canyon.
South Rim Views
Grand Canyon North Rim Views
North Rim View
Lees Ferry, staging
area for Grand
Canyon Raft trips
Zion SP Utah
Rain Rodolph
in Valley of
Fire, SP
Las Vegas
Antelope Slot
Grand Canyon, South Rim
From Page head back south along the Echo Cliffs to the Little Colorado River and then turn at Cameron to
the plateau on Route 64 to the 7,400-foot high
South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
So many viewpoints, so little time;  
Mather point first thing in the morning has great sunrise views. The
west Rim Trail runs for eight miles along the canyon’s edge and leads to great viewpoints, much of it  paved
 wheel chair accessible.

South again on 89 takes you through the ancient stone pueblos of The Wupatki National Monument, the 11th
century homes of the Anasazi and Sinagua cultures. The road passes through the black volcano fields of
Sunset Crater where eruptions in the 11th Century threw tons of volcanic stone that blanketed the area
driving out the ancient farmers who left their stone buildings.
The Grand Canyon is near
enough to
Las Vegas to offer the glitz
of Vegas as a welcome break from
traveling in the wilderness of the high
deserts.  (277 Miles to south Rim)

You might want to balance a few days
of excitement in Las Vegas, however,
with a return to nature and listen to
the wind singing through the spires of
Zion National Park, see the majesty
of sunset at the
Grand Canyon, or
walk  through the quiet forests of
Ponderosa Pine on the
The frontier town of Williams at 6,700 feet along the old Route 66
provides some nostalgia which includes lunch in a 1950s diner.
Grand Canyon Railway runs steam and Diesel trains twice
daily out of Williams to the Grand Canyon.

The road to Las Vegas runs right over the top of 762-foot high
Hoover Dam. To the right, Lake Mead and two years worth of
Colorado River water bordered by 550 miles of shoreline, below, a
concrete base 660 feet thick that took 4.5 million Cubic Yards of
concrete to build, and to the left, Colorado River water headed for
the agricultural fields of Arizona and California.
Soon you can be back in Las Vegas enjoying
the sumptuous buffets at the Mirage,
Steam train Rides in
Williams Arizona
Stone ruins
near the
volcano of
Sunset Crater
Bridge over the top of the
Hoover Dam
Grand Canyon, Self Drive Tours of the Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon, North Rim
Grand Canyon of Arizona
Grand Canyon South Rim
Williams Arizona on Route 66
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Flying into Phoenix or Las Vegas for a Grand Canyon trip
Valley of Fire State Park
North on Route 15, the Valley of Fire State Park near the shores of Lake Mead is well named with its  rocks
that glow red and a sun that can burn like fire.  Snappy dry
Mojave Desert air keeps it interesting but still
Nevada’s oldest park has few visitors touring its bubbles of red rock set against a cobalt blue sky and its
twisted arches of red sandstone that frame distant cliffs.
Most travelers speed through on their way to
Utah's  Zion and Bryce Canyons to the north.
The Grand Canyon is near enough to Las Vegas to offer the glitz of
Vegas as a welcome break from a rental car trip in the wilderness of
the high deserts.  From Las Vegas it is a 277 Mile drive to the South
Rim of the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is near enough to Las Vegas to make Las Vegas a good base for Grand Canyon trips.  
,Car rentals are plentiful and reasonable and mid week hotel rates are a bargain.  
From Las Vegas it is a 277 Mile drive to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.  A driving trip around the
Colorado River to both the North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon is possible from Las Vegas.

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