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After one night in the hotel you can park for up to two weeks free. The early shuttle (24 hour in some cases) from the hotel to the airline terminal will allow you to book an early flight and save money on the airfare. Two weeks of free parking offsets the cost of the hotel room and you do not need to arrange for a limo to and from the airport.
Most Hotels offer two weeks parking with one night stay some offer three and include
parking for cruise passengers..
Shop for Luxury Hotel,
Spa Hotel
or Budget Hotel Deal  
on the web.    Compare accommodations and hotel prices.
A great way to
start saving on air travel is to look into airport hotels that allow you to park free for two weeks after a one night's stay.
Save on transportation to the airport, and save money by booking the
less expensive early flights.
Shop online for Luxury Hotel, Spa Hotel or Budget Hotel Deals
Shop for vacation hotels, Luxury Hotel, Spa Hotel or Budget Hotel Deals by comparing offerings online. Compare accommodations, hotel prices, location, services, and cancellation policies. Check location with Google maps, street view.
When you make hotel reservations there are questions that you should ask or features that you should see listed that will make all the difference in your stay.

  • Air conditioning  (or ceiling fan)
  • Parking
  • Hotel restaurant
  • In room safe
  • Pool
  • Concierge  (24 hour)
  • Room service
  • Tours from the hotel
  • Airport transfer
  • In room kitchenette
  • Bath tub (or shower)
  • Elevator
  • WiFi in room  (or in lobby)
  • Telephone
  • TV, cable or satellite  (or rabbit ears)
  • Handicap Access
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Laundry Service
Shopping For Hotel
  • Photos
A website that show photos of the hotel interior make it easy to shop.  Still the photo does not tell the entire story, you must look at the list of amenities.  Beyond that,  the section of the city and the street can make a difference.
  • Google Maps, Street View
A street that has continuous heavy bus and truck traffic can make an unpleasant stay while a pedestrian only street could be a blessing.
Once you locate a promising hotel look on the city map to determine its location and the availability of transportation to your desired vacation visits: museums, restaurants, shopping, sights, etc.
Check the Google Map, Street View to get the flavor of the location

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vacation rental or villa,  hotel, vacation apartment, and  B and  B.   Shop the links above and see what style and price range suits you.  See photos, reviews, maps, and room rates to aid in your shopping.
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