How To Sell Your Travel Photos

Colter Bay, Grand Teton NP

Take the mystery out of having your travel photos published

How to make marketable photos that editors will buy
How to find and approach the photo editors.

This   Book covers all you need to know to have your digital travel photos published.

If you are a traveler and you love to make photos, there might be no better feeling for you than to walk into a bookstore and see a photo that you created on the cover of a magazine
If you take many photos when you travel why not look into having them published

This page will include some photos that have been published within magazines and others that have
been covers of magazines.

The trick is to know what sells and how to sell it.The book shown above will take the mystery out of making publishable photos and then show you how to find the editors who will buy your photos       

  • Part One: How to Make Marketable Photos

  • Part Two: How to Find and Approach the Photo Editors

Love To Travel ?

These photos of The Grand Teton Range might seem
like good candidates for sales to a magazine editor.
They are missing a few very important elements, however.
The book takes the mystery out of what could make
these photos marketable and in simple language,
describes how to make a marketable photo
Of course it is one thing to make a marketable photo but quite another to properly present it to a photo editor for sale.
This book takes the mystery out of that process and
shows how simple it actually is if you follow a few
important steps.
Photos sold for
inside use;
quarter page,
half page

Learn how to sell travel photos like these that have sold for covers and as full Pages. 
The question is why did these photos sell.

In non technical language the book describes in step by step fashion how to present your photos for publication

These photos have sold to travel magazines

  • Tip: keep in mind that a cover could bring you $500 USD and up.  Make an equal number
    of vertical photos (Portrait Mode)
  • See information on making photos that will sell in part one of this book.  
  • Part two describes the step by step process of presenting your photos to an editor for
Make And Sell Digital Travel Photos
How could you improve these photos and make them marketable?     

The book Sell Your Travel
Photos shows you what photos sels
and how to sell them.
The book will
take the
mystery out
of making
publishable photos and
show you how to find the
editors who will
buy your
The Book, "Sell Your Digital Travel Photos," Reveals what kinds of photos sell and explains how to make marketable photos.
The second part of the book shows you how to sell your travel photos and takes the mystery out of getting your photos published.
Good book., June 24, 2013
By Lawrence Lam (Malaysia) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: How to Sell Your Digital Travel Photos (Paperback)
This is basically a good book. Interesting and helpful.
Minus a star as the content has no color at all.
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