International Traffic Symbols for Driving in France
International Traffic Symbols for Driving in France differ little from those in Canada and Mexico.  In the USA the graphic symbols are not as widely used as yet.  Otherwise driving in France differs little except that narrow roads in the rural countryside and fast and impatient drivers among the locals in the city.
The rules of driving in France are similar to the US, Mexico, and Canada, including the giving of the right of way to the car in the rotary except where noted by dark lines or arrows.  
rotary will become a most welcome sight while driving in France and Italy because they have signs clearly marking directions to cities and towns.
When in doubt about a direction, you can circle the rotary as many times as it takes to get your bearings. The rotaries are also a welcome sight because they eliminate the need for a traffic light at a crossroads. Even in the big cities of France and Italy the rotary speeds traffic along and avoids the gridlock that often snarls US big city traffic.  
The rotary around the Arc de Triomphe might be the classic: eight lanes of screaming traffic whiz around France's iconic arch at the end of the Champs-Elysees and peel off in various directions without ever going through the gears.
Study the rotary nuance, however, the car in the rotary does not always have sole right of way.
Will it fit: narrow roads and Medieval city gates make you appreciate the compact car and small RV.
Speed Limits

Speed limits in Europe are in Kilometers per hour and are clearly marked along most roads in France, often with flashing lights.          
Topes, berms, speed bumps or whatever you might call the annoying traffic slowers do exist on the roads of France but in limited numbers and are not the Mount Everest variety found on Mexican roads. They are  marked by a tent like symbol that will at first fool the US driver looking for a campsite.
International traffic symbols for driving in France indicate 130 Kilometers per hour on a clear day 110 in the rain.   Accurately this is 80.77 mph when clear, 68.35 in the rain and by the rule of thumb described below it comes out to 86 when clear and 72 when raining: close enough.
Kilometers to Miles
A handy rule of thumb to quickly convert kilometers to miles is to take the overall distance, 90 kilometers for example, divide by three and add two of the thirds. This will give you 60 miles in this case.   90 divided by 3 =30 x2= 60, approximately converting 90 km to 60 miles. Although inaccurate for long distances, this can be quickly done in your head and will be near enough for short distances.
Highway Travel
Highway driving is just like highway travel in the US with toll tickets, rest areas, food and gas stops all being very similar.  Keep small change handy in coins for the automatic toll gates.

Learning the words for a few of the important highway signs, the word for right, Droit, left, Gouche, paid parking, Payant, and a few others can help but a use of the language is not needed for a successful road trip in France or Italy.
Familiarity with the
road symbols would help. A map legend will have explanations of the circle with the line through it, the word interdit, and various other symbols and road sign logos now used commonly worldwide.
International Traffic Symbols for Driving in France will be easy to follow for vacationers because they are graphic symbols rather then language.  No driving test is needed, renting a car very similar, home country license is required, IDP recommended.
International traffic Symbols on France's highways are similar to those in the US  Canada, and Mexico
In France the Traffic Laws, International Traffic Symbols, and the Renting of an automobile varies little from the US or Canada
Driving in France for Americans or Canadians: No driving test needed, renting a car very similar.
Speed limits will be clearly marked and the Rotary will be a welcome site with its directions to various towns.  Gassing up is similar to US with credit card and automatic shut-off at modern pumps. Car rental are available in all large cities and at many TGV Train Stations..
No Passing for commercial vehicles
zone ends
with yield to traffic in rotary
The no parking symbol.
The cities will have paid parking, usually an automated system with a machine that vends a ticket for placing on the windshield or a ticket that you take on entering and insert and pay on leaving
Highway speed Limit, reduced in rain and fog from the usual 130 KM per hour for clear day speeds on France's toll roads.
The International Driving Permit , the IDP, is recommended for non European drivers visiting France but is not required by law.  See IDP  .
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Information for those renting a vehicle in France and Italy
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