Jamestown, as the first Permanent English Settlement in the USA offers a lot of history to visitors.
Jamestown VA Hotels are available for visits to the  Historic Triangle of Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown Battlefield, and to Colonial Williamsburg. Williamsburg Virginia.
Jamestown was  the first successful English settlement and by the advent of the Revolutionary War the American colonies had over two million inhabitants to England's seven million.
At the first Jamestown settlement Captain John Smith became leader of the expedition mounted by the English prospectors and he had help from 12-year old Pocahontas (Mischievous One) who acted as intermediary between her dad, the Chief of the Powhatans, and the English.  She visited the fort several times in 1608 and later married a successful tobacco entrepreneur Englishman John Rolfe in 1614  traveling  to England to be introduced to royalty. She later died in England of disease in 1617 at 20 years of age.

A second group arrived with the intent to harvest timber, mine gold, ship goods back to England and search for a water route to the west. Not many survived but they eventually established a colony and as more settlers arrived, they expanded from the island and built the settlement that would later become Williamsburg, the Colonial capitol of Virginia.
Jamestown, The first Permanent English Settlement in the USA
Jamestown Virginia's Jamestown Settlement Museum  celebrates the event at Jamestown throughout the year.
The Museum has
three full-scale replica ships tied at their dock including a replica of the Godspeed one of the ships that in 1607 brought the first group of English settlers to the Americas.
At the Jamestown settlement Museum costumed guides tell how the first visitors came as explorers and prospectors.
Colonial Williamsburg:  
Costumed interpreters play out events leading to the revolutionary war. Williamsburg's antique buildings, 88 of them original colonial buildings, another 50 rebuilt on the original foundations hold priceless antiques crafted in England and Colonial America. There are 60,000 in all: paintings, textiles, jewelry, and ceramics displayed in 200 period rooms.

Yorktown celebrates the decisive battle of Yorktown just 30 miles east of Jamestown.  The British Army under Cornwallis had occupied the port of Yorktown and it was here that Washington with the help of an army led by Lafayette and another led by Rochambeau, and the French fleet under Degrasse would trap Cornwallis and defeat his army in the last major battle of the revolution.

Washington and Rochambeau 's armies marched to that victory from Williamsburg, an event well documented in roadside signs.
The Yorktown Jamestown Foundation runs the Yorktown Victory Center an encampment and museum where costumed interpreters explain in meticulous historic detail the life of the colonial soldier.

The National Park service manages the actual battle site where rangers conduct tours and guest can self-guide over twelve miles of loop roads with pullouts and interpretive plaques.  Washington's army laid siege to
Yorktown in September of 1781, firing cannon into the British positions for 19 days.  The village of Yorktown took a terrible beating, with the destruction of half its houses but a few Colonial era gems remain, some still marked by the strike of cannon balls. The town maintains pedestrian only streets and a walkway that leads from the Park Service battle site to the town.
The settlers who came to Jamestown were able to survive their first winter and eventually stayed to found our country.
Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation,has created displays that depict life in this first successful English settlement and the actors and interpreters help us understand what life was like for the early settlers..

The costumed guides help visitors experience the era with demonstrations of
hands-on history.  They give detailed descriptions of the life of the  Powhatan Indians, the first Africans to come to America, and the first English settlers.    
Jamestown Virginia is full of history and lots to do for the family.  Withing 20 miles you find Colonial Williamsburg with its 300 acre Colonial-era town, some original, others rebuilt in 1926 by The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation with the help of John D. Rockefeller Jr, and you find the Yorktown Battle site
By 1699 Williamsburg had become the capital of Virginia.   William and Mary College, the second  oldest in the US, would school three future US Presidents.
Jamestown Glassblowing
Shortly after the settlers arrived they built Americas first commercial enterprise. By 1608 a glass works near the first settlement was established. You can visit a replica building and watch glass artists at work.
Watch for the Glass House on the Colonial Parkway.
Notable Jamestown Area Family Hotel: Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge is designed for families.  There are 301 suites accommodating any size family.  Within the kid friendly lodge there is a water park.  There is also a huge arcade, a spa, food courts, and a bar restaurant.
Williamsburg Location       
Great Wolf Lodge
Jamestown Settlement Museum
Take a Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg Virginia Vacation and find plenty of Colonial Williamsburg Hotels such as Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg.
Within 20 miles find Bush Garden,  Water Country  Yorktown VA hotels and Jamestown hotels.  Look for
Colonial Williamsburg discount tickets and Williamsburg golf packages.  Williamsburg Winery tours and many other attractions are nearby,    
Jamestown History vacations are made possible by the many area Hotels available for visits.
The Jamestown Settlement.  Yorktown Battlefield, and Colonial Williamsburg are within the 20 mile Historic Triangle
How to reach Jamestown:
Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) is a half hour's drive away and has five rental car companies operating from the airport..  
Norfolk International Airport (NIA)  is forty miles south ( seven rental car companies)
Richmond International Airport (RIC)  is 45 miles north with eight rental car companies. ..
The Jamestown Settlement, the Yorktown Battlefield,  and the Preserved Colonial Village of Williamsburg are within 20 miles of one another in the Jamestown Virginia area.
Jamestown settlement offers recreated ships of the 1607 settlers
Jamestown Settlement Museum offers tours of the recreated 1607 ships
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