Jamestown Virginia celebrated 400 years of settlement by Europeans in May of 2007. It was the 400 th birthday of the USA.
On the James River,  three meticulously restored ships are open for visitors.
Jamestown Virginia, USA
Jamestown Settlement, Virginia celebrates
Four Hundred Year old  Settlement in USA,
Jamestown Virginia offers a family Vacation place with several major attractions located in the nearby area including the Bush Gardens theme park which offers a European Renaissance extravaganza with rides, exotic food, and shopping. Bush Gardens and the nearby Water Country USA,  the mid-Atlantic state's largest water theme park are within 30 miles.
The area also has
winery tours and tasting at the Williamsburg Vineyard and there is a huge potters shop along with many upscale outlet malls.
The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation, a Commonwealth of Virginia-run museum has built new exhibit space, re-created colonial buildings and built a new square-rigged replica ship. Three ships of the era are now open for viewing
The Jamestown Settlement Museum retells events that unfolded four hundred years ago at Jamestown Virginia when Captain John Smith became leader of the troubled expedition.

Times were tough for the first settlers in the original Jamestown Settlement and fort and without help from 12-year old
Pocahontas (Mischievous one) the daughter of the Chief of the Powhatans, the resident natives, the English, explorers might not have survived.  

Pocahontas visited the Jamestown fort several times in 1608 and brought food for the
starving settlers.

Pocahontas later married a successful tobacco entrepreneur Englishman John Rolfe in 1614.  She traveled  to England to be introduced to royalty but later died in England of disease at 20 years of age.

During the second year of the original Jamestown Settlement,  a second group of prospectors arrived at Jamestown with intent to
harvest timber, mine gold, ship goods back to England and search for a water route to the west.
Eventually they established a colony and as more settlers arrived they expanded beyond the island and built the settlement that would later become Williamsburg, Virginia.
The Jamestown Settlement Museum has three full-scale replica ships tied at their dock including a new replica of the Godspeed, one of the ships that in 1607 brought the first group of English settlers to the Americas.
The settlers came to Jamestown as explorers and prospectors but eventually stayed to build the country now called the USA.
Jamestown Virginia, Jamestown Settlement,
Jamestown Settlement Museum
The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation display areas recreate life in the first successful English settlement of the Americas. Visitors can experience hands-on history while learning about Powhatan Indians, the first Africans to come to the colonies, and the first English settlers.    

Two other historic sites in the area re-enact historical events;
Colonial Williamsburg and the Yorktown Victory Center at the Revolutionary War battle site. The three sites are within a twenty mile radius and each has costumed re-enactors that provide stunning visuals of history when they dress as 17th and 18th Century Colonial men and women and play out events that led to the Jamestown settlement and to the later Revolutionary  War.
Jamestown Virginia the Jamestown Settlement Museum
The Jamestown Settlement, the Yorktown Battlefield, and the Preserved Colonial Village of Williamsburg are within 20 miles of one another at Williamsburg Virginia.
Jamestown Glassblowing
Shortly after the Jamestown settlers arrived, they established a glass works that was Americas first commercial enterprise. By 1608 the glass works was in production as the first settlement grew and more settlers arrived.
You can visit a replica building and watch glass artists at work.
Watch for the Glass House on the Colonial Parkway.
At the Jamestown Virginia's Jamestown Settlement Museum the first successful English settlement in America is re-enacted by costumed, historic interpreters.
At the Jamestown Settlement, Virginia, the Jamestown Settlement Museum celebrates the first successful English settlement in America.  
At the Jamestown Virginia's Jamestown Settlement Museum the first successful English settlement in America is re-enacted by costumed interpreters of history.
How to reach Jamestown:
Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) is a half hour's drive away and has five rental car companies operating from the airport..  
Norfolk International Airport (NIA)  is forty miles south ( seven rental car companies)
Richmond International Airport (RIC)  is 45 miles north with eight rental car companies. ..
The Jamestown Settlement, the Yorktown Battlefield,  and the Preserved Colonial Village of Williamsburg are within 20 miles of one another in the Jamestown Virginia area.
Jamestown settlement offers recreated ships of the 1607 settlers
Jamestown settlement offers tours of recreated ships of the 1607 settlers
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