Site: Lambityeco Archaeological Ruin Site  
Location: 19 miles south east of Oaxaca City,
Route 190  
Culture: Zapotec
Date: 300 AD 900AD
Construction: Quarried stone, Faced stone, tomb, stone sculpture
Museum: No
Fee: 30 Pesos
Hours: 9:00 to 6:00
Unusual Features: stone pyramidal building,Plaza, stone sculptures. Rain God Cociyo sculptures, Temazcal baths
Transportatrion To Lambityeco Ruin, Oaxaca, Mexico
Lambityeco Ruin Site in Oaxaca Mexico is not far south of the modern City of Oaxaca and can be reached by public bus or collective taxi by going south on Route 190 towards Mitla /Tlacolula. Ask the driver to stop at the site.

Lambityeco ruin in the Valley of Oaxaca can be reached via the Tlacolula or Mitla bus from Oaxaca City.  Buses leave from the second class bus station and stop at the ball park near the VW dealership
Lambityeco Ruin Unusual Unusual Feature: the use of pot shards to chink between the stones in the stone pyramidal building and platform in the center of a small,Plaza.
other Unusual Features: the remnants of  Temescal steam baths (Temazcal)
Reach Lambityeco Ruin, Oaxaca, Mexico by public bus or collective taxi from Oaxaca City.  Lambityeco is near the town of Tlacolula.
Lambityeco Ruin, Oaxaca, Mexico is in the Valley of Oaxaca.  Lambityeco has some unusual Features such as the stone sculptures of the Rain God Cociyo, the important God of the Classic Period of Oaxacan Zapotec culture.
Lambityeco was a salt making center.

Take the Tlacolula or Mitla bus and ask the driver to stop at Lambityeco Ruin.
Collective taxis to the town of Tlacolula will pass the ruin site.


16°   58'  18.7284" N
-96°  29'  31.992"W
Lambityeco Coordinates by
16°   58'  18.7284" N
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