Lambityeco Ruin, Oaxaca, Mexico
Lambityeco Ruin Site, located 19 miles southwest of Oaxaca city on route 190, was a large area of salt production that flourished from 300 AD to 900 AD.

The pyramidal shaped buildings are of quarried stone. Many un-excavated mounds in the area suggest a large settlement.
The site is attributed to the Zapotec
Zapotec Rain God Cociyo would indicate.
There is no museum at the small site of Lambityeco.
The site is near the road with free parking and can be reached by bus from Oaxaca. Ask the driver to stop at the site.
An interesting use of shards to chinck between stone would indicate the extensive use of pottery at the site
The zapotec Rain God Cociyo
Lambityeco Ruin Site displays sculptures of Cociyo, the God of Rain for 7th century Zapotec culture in Oaxaca, Mexico
Lambityeco is a ruin site in Oaxaca, Mexico located 19 specialized in salt production from 300 AD to 900 AD, taking advantage of salt water deposits nearby.
Lambityeco Ruin in Oaxaca, Mexico is located 19 miles southwest of Oaxaca city on route 190.  Lambityeco was a 900 AD. Pottery used in salt production was later used to chink the wall in stone construction
Lambityeco Ruin has evidence of the existence of steam baths.
-96°  29'  31.992"W
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