Les-Baux-de-Provence  Hiking In The South of France
July and August will be crowded at Les Baux, perhaps the most visited village in the Alpilles Hills. The ruin of the castle and the currently active village of 500, occupy a high rocky ledge and commands an excellent view of the valley,and the dozens of hiking trails through the olive groves.
While Hiking at Les-Baux-de-Provence you will see signs of early settlements that go back to 6th century BC Celts.  Even today, if you climb to the ledge at the top of the high parking lot, you can see stone works and cave dwellings carved into the high cliff.
While hiking in the village of Les-Baux, you will be in an area of several ruins and an active village housing five hundred.  
In the Olive groves and vineyards around Les Baux there are many trails. They are marked in French. They connect all the villages and are used by the local farmers and shepherds as well as by hikers.
The village of Les Baux is hilly with cobble walkways of pedestrian-only avenues.
Hiking and Biking Vacation In the South of France
Hiking Through Olive Groves in the South of France
Les-Baux-de-Provence Hiking delivers some great views, even just hiking to the top of the cliffs and standing on Les- Baux's ancient walls overlooking the olive groves and vineyards makes it worth the hike.
Perhaps the most visited village in the Alpilles Hills,  Les Baux-de-Provence commands an excellent view of the valley, making it long a strategic position for settlement.
From the upper parking lot, a climb higher on the carved walls above the old caves opens a great vista and a view all the way to the grasslands of the Rhone delta and the Camargue.
Les-Baux-de-Provence Hiking will put you in the middle of Medieval pageantry as re-enactors stage catapult war events and march through the cobble streets.  The fortress, now a museum, has war artifacts from the line of kings and queens that  ruled the surrounding area from the second century to the 12 th century and from the French kings that ruled until the city was destroyed.
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Les-Baux-de-Provence  offers hiking In The South of France both to the top of the ruin site where you can see all the way to the Camargue or in between Les Baux and the villages of Mouries and St Remy.
Le Baux-de-Provence hiking is on trails through vinyards and olive groves
Les Baux reenactments of Medieval times
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