Mazunte Camping, Budget Lodging on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast
Mazunte is a one-street village but does offer an Internet café, restaurants, and lodging.  
Mazunte beach is small but offers surfing at times in the cove beside Punta Cometa.   From Mazunte reach Zipolite for surfing and Playa Panteon in Puerto Angel for a sheltered cove swimming beach.  Puerto Angel and Zipolite offer modern hotels at $25-50 USD  a night with snorkel tours, scuba diving, and sightseeing boat tours leaving from the beach in front of the hotel in Puerto Angel.

From Zipolite you can catch a camionetta to the crossroads on Route 200 and then a  $20 peso local bus north to
Zicatela Beach, home of the Mexican Pipe-Line in  Puerto Escondido.
(Puerto Escondido also offers cove beaches)
Puerto Escondido is still remote compared to the Mexican Riviera's Acapulco and Puerto Valarta,
Escondido offers rental equipment, tour attractions, nightclub happy hours, luxury hotels, and beaches. With lodging from $5 a night up to $150, every budget can enjoy
Puerto Escondido. Breakfast for $4.50: Pancakes, fruit, and coffee, Dinner: $6.50USD grilled Dorado, Guacamole, tostadas steamed vegetables.

From Puerto Escondido you can travel north along the coast to
Acapulco.  or south to Salina Cruz and the San Cristobal de las Casas or Tapachula Chiapas (Beaches)and into Guatemala.  
You'll find bus service efficient and inexpensive, and the lodging reasonable and readily available  except at Christmas time, New Years, and Easter vacation.
Mazunte Camping and Budget Lodging on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast can be as simple as pitching a tent on the beach beneath a straw palapa.
Oaxaca's  Quiet Pacific Coast Beaches offer camping, hammocks, and palm shelters for as little as 25 peso per night.
Mazunte Beach Lodging:
For independent travelers Mazunte offers inexpensive accommodations and great ocean views at the Playa Mazunte bordered by Punta Cometa, just to the right or northeast as you face the turtle museum. Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga, or Mexican Turtle Center.

Mazunte and Oaxaca's other Pacific Coast beaches are rarely crowded except during the November surfing competitions at Puerto Escondido and again at Christmas/ New Years, and Easter.  Beaches such as Mazunte only become busy during Christmas and Easter.
From Mazunte you can cab or collectivo to San Augustinillo, Zipolite, or Puerto Angel.  Mazunte offers Eco touring and the Mexican Turtle Center museum, aquarium,  and rescue project.
Mazunte is a small beach community in Oaxaca State forty miles south of  Puerto Escondido and four miles northwest of Zipolite Beach.   Mazunte offers budget lodging for a few surfers and independent travelers with tent space on the beach.
Lodging is budget variety including a hammock beneath a palm palapa or tenting on the beach beneath a palm shelter.  Lodging prices can go as low as 25 pesos to 45 pesos per person per night.  Cabanas and rooms rent for $15 -$20 a night  USD and are plentiful except during Christmas and Easter holidays.  
Pitch a tent or rent a hammock right on the beach with a restaurant, bar, walk 50 yards from your tent to the Pacific surf.
Get to Mazunte by OCC bus or local bus from Puerto Escondido on highway 200 to Pochutla and then collectivo, (collective cab or camionetta, a small pickup truck with a covered top)  to Zipolite.  If you arrive via the local bus  from Puerto Escondido,  ask the bus driver to stop at the crossroads for Zipolite/Mazunte and then get a collective camionetta to Mazunte or Zipolite.
be reached by air from Oaxaca's airport (OAX) to Puerto Escondido and then by OCC first Class bus or local bus along the coast road, route 200, to Pochutla, and from there a short taxi ride or collective taxi called a camionetta.
First Class Bus service leaves the first class terminal in Oaxaca City for Huatulco and then Pochutla. (10 hours)
Second Class bus service leaves Oaxaca City's Second Class terminal and goes over the mountains to Puerto Escondido or to Pochutla.  (8 hours)
Van service makes a run to Pochutla. (6 hours)
The mountain driving can be tough on those prone to motion sickness, travelers report that medicine is recommended.
Transportation to Mazunte

Getting There

Three Different Bus Routes reach the area of Puerto Escondido, Mazunte, and Huatulco on Oaxaca's Pacific Coast.

ADO, First Class
service via OCC Buses reach Pochutla via Juchitan, Salina Cruz and Huatulco.  The route then goes Northwest along the coast to Pochutla (Mazunte/Zipolite stop) and then to Puerto Escondido
Second Class buses run over Route 175 and Route 131, making more direct runs over the mountains to Pochutla and Puerto Escondido\

Vans run over the southern mountains to Puerto Escondido and Pochutla. 160 Pesos

Juchitan and Salina Cruz are also first class transportation hubs for trips to San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque (Chiapas State)
Estrella Blanca Buses run first Class service, 10 trips daily, from Puerto Escondido to Acapulco along coastal Route 200.
Local buses run every hour along the coastal route 200 highway connecting Huatulco, Pochutla and Puerto Escondido.

Mazunte Lodging can be as simple as pitching a tent at a beach side palapa restaurant.  The one-street village  does offer an Internet café, restaurants, and lodging.  Across from the church,above,  find the short road to the beach
Mazunte Lodging on the Oaxaca Pacific Coast near the Turtle Museum and Beach Village can be rustic tenting on Mazunte beach beneath a palm Palapa.
Mazunte Lodging can be a hotel or posada on the one street village or a tent beneath a beach side palm shelter.
called Camionetta,  Zipolite to Mazunte 5 pesos.  Zipolite to the crossroads at route 200 for Puerto Escondido, 10 peso.   
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