Mediterranean Cruise Through Europe
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The next day was another delightful day on the ship and the following day we arrived at Piraeus around 7am.  Athens is a major city; the port does not have Greek fishing boats all around the harbor;everyone lives in the modern world with automobiles and computers, but It still was wonderful and I enjoyed every moment of our visit.     The Parthenon can be seen from everywhere you travel around Athens, just look up.
We took a scenic tour of the city, seeing the Olympic Stadium, old and new (2004 Olympic games were held in Athens) every tour
includes time for shopping.  At a café our waiter wanted to tell us about her sister in Framingham, Mass. and about her trip to Foxwoods Casino in Ct.  We met some interesting people.  
Mediterranean Cruise Through Europe, Greece,Turkey, and Crete.
It was time for a slow down day with the port of call of Crete part of Greece.  I wanted to swim in the Mediterranean so we spent the day at a beach resort.  The water was warm and as I was told the high salt content helps everyone float; It does.
Our last port of call was the beautiful island of
Corfu.  I would love to go back there someday where everywhere you look you see breathtaking navy blue sea and lush greenery.  Can’t forget the olive groves everywhere.  We took a tour of the island from one end to the other and stopped for wine in the morning and a five course Greek dinner in a small fishing village that afternoon.  The island had been occupied by the British and the French in the past, leaving the look of Bermuda with a French touch in the wrought iron porches.    Flowers were everywhere.
The next day was spent at sea giving us time to remember all the beautiful places we had seen in the past two weeks. We headed to Venice and our flight back to Boston.
On the 3rd day of the second week we arrived in Kusadsi, Turkey,  another country that wants and needs the tourist’s dollars.  They have built a tourist area right at the pier with a Burger King and Bath and Body Works and shops in between  Turkish cafés  and a Turkish rug dealer. They have installed umbrella tables around the area where you can have a bite to eat or enjoy a drink while looking at the beautiful harbor.   In May the temperature was in the high 70’s f, but we were told in July the temperature could be over 110 f.
We took the tour to
Ephesus, a city created in 3,000 BC and later expanded by the Romans.  The ruin had a wonderful museum with many artifacts.  This city has hosted Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, the Virgin Mary and John the Apostle.  Have you ever thought about where Mary went after Jesus’ death, she went to Ephesus.  I found that most interesting; this city is a must see.
I hope you have enjoyed the photos of a part of the world that I had the opportunity to visit and would go back to in a moments notice.
On A Mediterranean Cruise of Europe  on The Royal Caribbean  Cruise Ship,Splendor of the Seas, we visited ports in Greece, Turkey, and Crete.  

The Ship Was Our Hotel As We Visited Countries on Europe's Mediterranean Coast.
Text and Photos By
Nancy Santry
Mediterranean Cruise to Athens
Text and Photos By Nancy Santry
We took a scenic tour of Athens , seeing the Olympic Stadium, old and new (2004 Olympic games were held in Athens)
On a Mediterranean cruise ship through Europe we visited Greece
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Nancy A. Santry has worked for a large newspaper, a cable television station and currently working in the art department of a major Photographing first as a hobby and now in her own small business, Nancy's photographs have won many art show honors and have been published in Tourism brochures.
Nancy concentrates on photographing New England scenes but also loves traveling and photographing in Europe.
Nancy’s web site is
Cruise Articles by Nancy Santry
Mediterranean Cruise to Athens
On a Mediterranean Cruise Through Europe  We Visited Greece ,Turkey, and Crete on the Cruise Ship,Splendor of the Seas.,  
The Ship Was Our Hotel As We Visited Countries
along Europe's Mediterranean Coast.
Touring the Olympic Stadium where the 2004 Olympic games were held
A Mediterranean Cruise Through Europe, Visiting Greece,Turkey, and Crete.
On a Mediterranean cruise ship through Europe  we visited  Greece,Turkey, and Crete.
Mediterranean Cruise  Europe
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