Mexico Bus Service

ADO Bus Line, Grand Luxury Division
(Lujo service only, does not include ADO first class buses)

Flecha Amarilla
Opens as Primera Plus First class service west and north of Mexico City to

UNO Bus Line   
discontinued,  will open as Platino

Mexico City Terminals and partial bus schedules

Mexico Bus Service,
Travel By First Class Bus In Mexico

Oaxaca Mexico Regional Dance
Oaxaca Mexico
Alta Vista Ruin site
Merida Mexico
Palenque Ruin Site

Mexico Bus, Bargain Travel   

"Premier First Class" is the best travel bargain in Mexico at about 15 cents USD per mile.. Combine the first
class bus with the local public bus systems in the cities and the connections via bus or collective taxi to the villages.  

Together the first class bus systems, taxis,
"Colectivos" and "Camionetas", Combis,  and crossroads
collective taxis allow you to reach every corner of Mexico. 

See below for explanation of levels of service and a list of stations and destinations.

Reach the villages and do it inexpensively by making use of
Mexico's first class bus lines and then using the
public bus system, taxis, colectivos and camionetas in the city to reach the remote villages, beaches, and ruin sites.      

Mexico's First Class Bus Lines

Buses South
ADO Bus runs bus routes in Central and
Southern Mexico to the Yucatan and Belize
border with several levels of service.

BusesCentral and Northern Mexico
Flecha Amarilla, Primera Plus, and
Estrella Blanca serve in central and
northern Mexico with many divisions and
levels of service,  Estrella Blanca divisions
include Futura Bus and Chihuahuenses.

Omnibus serves Mexico north of
Mexico City.  

Tufesa Bus
Tufesa Bus Line serves from Phoenix AZ to
Guadalajara Mexico
Bus Terminals of Mexico City
Mexico City is the main hub of the country's
bus service from its four terminals
ADO First
Class service
Palenque out
of Mexico City
and many hub
cities south of
Mexico City
Palenque Ruin Site

Bus South Central and Southern Mexico

In South Central Mexico,  ADO,  ADO GL, Platino,  OCC, and other lines
operate south of Mexico City to the Yucatan and to the Guatemalan and Belze
borders.  These bus routes are covered extensively by ADO Bus.

These buses serve the major cities and do so at varying levels of pricing and
service. (The price varies a great deal; the service will offer fewer
stops and more legroom)  (see price breakdown below)

To the north of Mexico City:
 Estrella Blanca Bus, Chihuahuenses,
Omnibus,  Futura Bus, Primera Plus,  TAP, Flecha Amarilla serve much of
Central and Northern Mexico. Several bus lines serve to the US border.

  • Primera Plus Bus Line   serves Mexico City to Acapulco, Morelia,
    Guadalajara  and north to Mazatlan

  • Tap Bus Line serves the border area south of the US to Mexico City.

  • Chihuahuenses Bus serves from Mexico city north to the US border
    via Central Mexico through Chihuahua.  Chihuahuenses is a division of
    Estrella Blanca

  • Futura Bus is a division of Estrella Blanca serving north of Mexico City
    to the US border.

Types of Bus Service
  • Segunda Clase:  Second Class Bus, This is the second class bus
and will most often leave from a different terminal than the First Class, usually
in the older section of downtown perhaps near an old train station.  
(Passenger train service ended for Mexico in 1998.  The one remaining
regularly scheduled train operates in Mexico's
Copper Canyon)  

Second class service breaks down further into:

  • Directo: Directo is supposed to make few stops in a station to station
    fashion but seldom does, although it does not stop at every way station
    through the mountains or along the coast.
  • Semi-Directo Makes more frequent but limited stops

  • Ordinario Ordinario is a local bus although it may travel for fifty miles It is very inexpensive but will make frequent stops.

  • First and Second Class Bus Lines:
Estrella Blanca is one of the lines covering the coastal area with first class
buses that might leave from a second class terminal.   Other second class
service. Flecha Amarilla,  (Except Primera Plus)  Estrella Roja

  • Village Buses:
Many small second class bus lines serve the villages from the second class
terminal.  Mexico is mountainous country to the extreme and often a bus will
make one trip in to the village and then park for the night to return to the city
the following day.
Bus Services   use Brand
new Volvos and Mercedez

with comfortable, deeply
reclining  seats,
seat belts,
TV, AC, (bring a
sweater) window blinds and
On Mexico's First Class Buses you can visit all of Mexico from a luxury bus.  The First Class buses leave serve new bus stations while traveleing over high speed bus routes and offer an alternative to air service.
Mexico Bus Service, first class Omnibus
Mexico Bus Service
Zihuatanejo, Pacific Coast, Mexico
Omnibus serves north of Mexico City to the US border
Zihuatanejo is served by Primera Plus Bus, Estrella Blanca and Parhikuni among others.

   Oaxaca City to San Cristobal de las Casas, a distance of 380 Miles approximately

2014 Bus Fares  ADO

ADO Platino Bus   $890  Pesos
ADO   GL  $666 Pesos (Grand Lujo)
OCC  $552 Pesos  

The upper level of service will offer a shorter duration trip (few stops) fewer passenger, and more leg room.
Check the ADO website for special prices on the upper levels of service  
 ADO Bus Tickets
Bus Service Southern Mexico, ADO Bus serves All of Southern Mexico
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