Moab Utah Desert Hikes
Moab Hiking  
scenery is spectacular in a harsh and beautiful land offering some great views of the natural landscape shaped by the Colorado River, the wind, and millions of years of sediment, uplift, folding, faulting, and earthquake.
  • Potash Road Camping
Rustic tent and RV camping are available on BLM's Potash road for $8 per night, $4.00 with Golden Age Pass. Dump stations are available in town at private parks and at  RV parts and repair shops where a twenty four hour self-pay station is $5.  

The campsites on the Potash Road are the Self-pay envelopes system, check or cash. The
Williams Bottom sites are a mix of small and large sites, some pull thru, some  with cottonwoods for shade.
Drive through the campground, pick an unoccupied site, pay at the kiosk, and clip your receipt to the post.
Also on the Potash Road, the
Gold Bar Campgrounds with large sites on the Colorado River.
Private campgrounds are nearby in the town of Moab.
parking area for the Corona Arch Trail is just across from the Gold Bar Campground.
  • Negro Bill Canyon
Moab offers another easy hike in Negro Bill Canyon just off Route 128, the road along the Colorado River north of the center of the village.  Campsites are available on Route 128 along the stretch of river that lies between Arches National Park and the Slickrock Bike Trail

These areas were mined for uranium during the cold war. The miners built many trails in their hunt for minerals.  These trails today make Moab a premier outdoor adventure destination for hiking in the Southwest.
Moab Utah, Easy Hikes, Half Day Hikes, Beginner Hikes
The Potash Road in Moab  offers Rustic Campsites for Hiking, Biking, Sightseeing,  Rafting, and Cliff Climbing
From the Potash Road drive to Arches National Park for the Delicate Arch Trail  or nearby for Negro Bill Canyon.  From the Potash Gold Bar Campground,  walk to the Corona Arch Trail.
From the Campsites on the Potash Road, Find Hiking, Biking, Cliff Climbing, Rafting, Canoing, and Sightseeing along the Colorado River and in the cliffs above the river.
Moab Utah is known the world over for its hiking but not all trails are easy for beginners.  The heat and altitude are a factor for those new to hiking.
Four trails mentioned here are half day trips with small elevation changes but beautiful scenery.  The short hikes still require caution because of the heat, bright sun and many trails leading off from the main trails.  
Maps and info can be found at the visitors center in the center of Moab.
  • Corona Arch, Bowtie Arch Trails
Moab Utah's best half day hike could be the trail to Corona Arch and Bowtie Arch.
This trail is off the
Potash Road where there is also camping in several locations.  The Potash Road follows the Colorado River.  
From the Potash road find  hiking trails, cliff climbing, Biking, Rafting, Four Wheel trails, and sightseeing areas.  
There is a parking area for the Corona Arch trailhead across from the Gold Bar campgrounds.  Corona Arch Trail is a half day non strenuous hike that takes you to
Corona and Bowtie Arches.  You encounter one area of slightly steep walking  when you first start and then an area of steps cut into a gently sloping cliff face where you are aided by a steel cable.  Otherwise the trail is easy and you are rewarded with a walk beneath the magnificent Corona Arch.  No water on the trail, few hikers.  
Moab Utah is a great place for half-day hikes and beginner hikes but Moab's easy hikes can still present dangers because of the extremes of the environment . Hikes to Delicate Arch, Negro Bill Canyon, and Corona Arch Trail will require caution.
Easy hiking trail to Corona  Arch off the Potash Road.  
  • Moab Easy Hikes,Delicate Arch Trail
Delicate Arch Trail is one of the favorite hikes in the park.  This half-day hike is best done early in  the morning to escape the intense heat of the mid day.  Arches National Park is always open and you can drive in early to prepare for a pre-dawn hike.

Arches NP is located within a few miles of downtown Moab.  The center of Moab will offer shops, hotels, restaurants and adventure outfitters.  Hiking information is available in the downtown Visitors Center or at the Arches National Park Visitors Center
  • Arches National Park Hikes
Arches NP is a wild red rock landscape that contains many arches and spectacular cliff formations shaped by the elemental forces of  wind, and millions of years of sediment, uplift, folding, faulting, and earthquake.  
One of the best
hikes to see this is the half-day trip to Delicate Arch, pictured above.
The eroded arch formed of petrified sand dunes in stratified layers of red makes an inspiring sight.  
Other short hikes can be found such as courthouse Wash.  For beginning hikers it is best to start early to avoid the intense mid day sun and heat.
Delicate Arch trail is an easy hike in the wild desert environment of Moab Utah
  • Arches National Park , Moab,Utah
Arches NP is a rocky playground for outdoor sport in the southeast corner of the State, about 30 miles south of
Green River and 112 miles west of Grand Junction, CO.  
Moab's Arches National Park offers some great views of the natural landscape, wind and weather shaped
arches, and eroded rock for photographers and painters.  It is one of premier sightseeing areas of the
Arches National Park in Moab is open 24/7 and accessible via a paved road through the park.  Ample
parking at trailheads and handicap access on some paved trails make the park accessible to everyone.
Moab Utah,hiking off the  Potash road is in a Wild Desert Environment
  • Corona Arch Hiking Trail
The Hiking Trail to Corona Arch is across from the Gold Bar Campground. This is an easy half day hike but will require caution.  There is no water on the trail and the trail is not heavily used or clearly marked.  The heat in mid day can be intense.  
Moab Easy Hikes, Beginner Hikes, Delicate  Arch
Corona Arch and Bowtie arch trails are an easy hike in the wild desert environment of Moab Utah
Corona Arch in Moab Utah is an easy hike but still requires caution in the wild Desert Environment
Corona  Arch off the Potash Road.  
Moab Utah offers a Half Day Hike for Beginning Hikers with the Corona Arch Trail on the Potash Road along the Colorado River.  Find the Bowtie Arch and Corona Arch
Moab Utah, Courthouse Wash, Arches National Park
How to Reach Moab:
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Grand Junction Colorado (GJT)  is 112 miles away with air connections to hub cities.   To the south Albuquerque International is a major hub airport.  (ABQ)  390 miles
Moab Utah, Hiking In A Wild Desert Environment
Moab Utah, Courthouse Wash hike in Arches National Park is an easy downhill walk but will require water and protection from the sun
Moab Utah,
Hiking  Wild Desert
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