Money and Travel,
Money and Property While Traveling
Preserving your money while traveling and guarding the safety of your belongings requires a little caution.  
These tips have been gathered from experienced travelers and might help you during your travel vacation.
A Few  Tips for Travelers
Don't use debit or credit cards in a country foreign to you to make random small purchases; use cash.  Be cautious in restaurants, small shops, and gas stations.  If you must use the credit or debit card, don't let it leave your sight.

Counterfeit Money
Beware the kindly lady who asks you to change a 200 pesos bill for her or the well-dressed gentleman who ask if you can change a 20 Euro note.  Counterfeiters use this scam to launder bogus bills printed on the home computer.  They figure that  you will not be able to recognize a fake.

Torn Bills
Check your change for torn bills or worn bills.  In some countries it is difficult to cash a torn bill.  Check for bogus bills when you receive change back.  

Paying the Bill in Restaurants
Pay the waiter with the smallest denomination bill that you have.  Otherwise walk to the cash register and pay there in person rather than give the waiter a large denomination bill.  

Buying Gas
Check that the meter is at zero before the clerk pumps the gas.  Check again after the gas is dispensed before you pay  to be sure that you received the amount that you are paying for.
Diesel is common in France and called
Gazole.  Use caution that you buy the appropriate fuel for your car.  Gasoline in France is called essence  or essence sans plomb, unleaded gas.

Beware of Skimming Devices on ATM Machines
Your ATM card becomes stuck in the machine, a well dressed man approaches and offers to help.
"What are your numbers he says; we must enter them to free the card."
You give him your pin number and he appears to enter it, He then removes your card and hands it to you.
He has used a skimmer to read the magnetic information on your card and now he has your pin number.  Vacation sorely dented or over if that is your only ATM card.  Always use an ATM machine inside  a bank building when possible.

The Squirted Liquid
You have just come from the bank are walking a pleasant side street where you pass a street food vendor.  Suddenly you feel wetness on the back of your pant leg.  Two men approach.
"Sir you have messy stuff on your pant leg, come with us we have paper towels let us help you remove it."
You touch the liquid and see that it is brown mustard, nasty but not fatal. You go with the two kind gentlemen who escort you to an alley and proceed to remove the liquid along with your wallet
Guarding the safety of your belongings requires a little caution, even in churches
Guarding your travel cash requires a little caution even in the churches.  
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