From elegant French Style cuisine at Susan Spicer's Bayona to the peasant food of the gumbo  parlors, New Orleans tells its story by cooking.
Local  ingredients prepared in the down home way reveal a cultural mix unlike any other.
Spanish, French, Canadian, Island and African; they all  come together in New Orleans to elevate peasant food to cuisine.
New Orleans signature foods include the
Beignet (left), a fried dough covered with
powered sugar served at the Café du Monde
Open twenty four hours the Café du Monde
is famous for beignets, coffee with chicory,
and Café au lait , a coffee served with
steamed milk.
surround you on a vacation to New Orleans.
April Jazz and Heritage Festival  of New Orleans highlights this as does  the annual Mardi Gras.    

New Orleans is a relaxed party town happy with itself, a feeling that  lasts throughout the year  and shines through in the cooking, the social life ,and particularly the music.
The people of New Orleans are so relaxed and so easy going  and friendly that a visitor might wonder if they are acting a part. Soon you realize, however, that this is "New Orleans Style", and everybody here is on "New Orleans Time."
New Orleans is in the middle of one big party and you are invited
French cooking in New Orleans
New Orleans Food, Jazz, Freedom: Cajun Food, Seafood, and Gumbo
New Orleans Food, Jazz, Freedom, is found on Bourbon street where Cajun food, seafood, and gumbo parlors serve on the Pedestrian-only streets of the French Quarter that rock well into the morning.
Photos, Rain Rodolph
When in New Orleans check with  Eric, the "Big E";.  He will pick you up at the airport, give you a Katrina tour or a city tour . All the while he will tell stories full of local color. As a musician whose son now plays trumpet with a hot band, Eric knows the music and food scene and can get you started in the right direction toward an in depth look at the fabulous city of New Orleans,  504-495-2531
One of the finest restaurants in the city, Chef Susan Spicer's Bayona on Dauphine Street serves a Provence-style salmon that can not be equaled.
Traditional breakfast includes eggs, home fries, sausage, grits, and biscuit.
New Orleans Food is not solely Cajun, seafood, and gumbo,  The Bayona Restaurant in the French with its outdoor and indoor dining, a limited menu, and exceptional food preparation.
Serving Cajun food, seafood, and gumbo, New Orleans restaurants will delight you with variety, casino, French Quarter casino, French Quarter hotel dining rooms, and jazz clubs will liven the nights.
New Orleans Cuisine
April Jazz and Heritage Festival
April 27 2012 to May 6, 2012
Serving Cajun food, seafood, and gumbo, as well as traditional French cuisine New Orleans restaurants will delight you with variety,
New Orleans Food and Jazz clubs line the streets of the French Quarter,
New Orleans Food goes beyond Cajun, seafood, and gumbo with the famous beignet at Café Du Monde
New Orleans Food,  Cajun Food, Seafood, Gumbo, and French Cuisine
New Orleans Food,Jazz,Freedom, Cajun Food, Seafood, and Gumbo are symbols of New Orleans.
The relaxed party town is happy with itself and the feeling of freedom shines through in the cooking, the social life, and the music.
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