It is a good policy to have your name and destination on  the outside and the inside of both your carry-on and your check-in luggage. Passengers have lost bags in security when they are taken by another passenger accidentally in the stressful environment and  bags have been lost on the airport shuttles, With this thorough labeling  and a little luck you could find your bag at your hotel when you arrive.
Label Your Luggage

Oaxaca  Air Travel, Mexico  (OAX)
Jet Service To Oaxaca City

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Passport requirements for travel to the Caribbean, Canada, and Mexico from the US have changed.
Once you reach Oaxaca's airport (OAX) you will find shared taxis (vans) for an inexpensive ride into the city. They will drop you wherever you want to go.
Private cabs are also available.  
Rental cars are available at the airport or in the city
Oaxaca ATM s
Many ATMs are available that dispense the peso at a fair rate of exchange. You can find a swipe type at Banamex, one block east of the northeast corner of the Zocalo, corner of Hidalgo and Lopez
Oaxaca Air Travel, Oaxaca City:
A trip to Oaxaca can mean a change of planes in Mexico city. The newly remodeled airport  in Mexico City (Bus terminal)is finished, however, and the connections are better organized.
Still you must keep searching for your gate and watching for the arrival of the Oaxaca plane.
The information kiosks have English-speaking staff but the computer system does not update rapidly enough and the PA system is not effective;  keep checking.
United makes limited direct flights from Houston to Oaxaca
Oaxaca offers a modern jet airport
Oaxaca Air Travel includes Jet Service To Oaxaca City and the small modern airport. (OAX)
Flights to Oaxaca can mean a change of planes in Mexico city or a direct flight via United (formerly Continental) from Houston.
Oaxaca air travel is possible through Oaxaca's modern airport.
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