Oaxaca Artist Villages

Oaxaca Artisan Villages, Oaxaca Valley, Artisan Handcrafts

Each village surrounding the City of Oaxaca has a special market day
Oaxaca Weavers and ceramic artists bring hand made goods to local markets and also sell them in their village shops
  • Wood Carving Arrazola
The village of Arrazola is noted for animals carved of wood and intricately painted.  Include in this self guided tour a visit to the 16 Th Century monastery at Cuilapan de Guerrero and the Zaachila Thursday Market and the ruin site at Zaachila

Oaxaca's Artisan Villages List

Artisans in the Oaxaca Valley are notable for weaving in wool and cotton,  rug making, wood carving, pottery, Stone carving, metal work, and the making of mescal.
Church tours:   Get an insiders look at Oaxaca.
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Oaxacan Artisans in the village of Teotitlan del Valle specialize in wool rugs
Villages listed here are suggested self tours that will include ruin sites and market visits along with the artisan villages
  • Santa Ana del Valle, Wool Rugs
Visit the weaving Village of Santa Ana del Valle for a look at wool rugs and Sunday Market at nearby Tlacolula. Could include nearby teotitlan del Valle and the ruin site of Mitla
  • Etla
Etla Market, Wednesday, Ville de Etla,  will have objects of tin.  You can combine this with a visit to the Huijazoo Archaeological Site and the ruin and museum of San Jose el Mogote
  • San Bartolo Coyotepec, Black Pottery
The black pottery village of San Bartolo Coyotepec is on the road to Ocotlan, were a Friday Market will display Clay figures and woven baskets as a specialty.  Combine a visit to San Bartolo Coyotepec with a visit to the studio and home of painter Rodolfo Morelos  and to the restored church
  • Teotitlan del Valle, Wool Rugs
Teotitlan del Valle specializes in wool rugs ( Include a visit to the 16 th Century church of Tlacochahuaya nearby)  Taurino Mendoza Family, Demonstrations
daily, just across from the church
  • Atzompa, Pottery
Near the City of Oaxaca, the village of Atzompa specializes in clay pottery and displays work in the village center. Combine this visit with the huge outdoor Saturday market of Abastos and a visit to the ruin site above the village
  • Mitla, Cotton Fabrics
The Village of Mitla  specializes in Fabrics of cotton at a large outdoor market near the Mitla Ruin
  • Mezcal
Near Mitla, the town of Matatlan produces the distilled drink Mescal in an artisanal fashion. Route 190 south of Oaxaca
Each Oaxaca Artisan Village in the Oaxaca Valley has its own specialty: weaving, ceramics, rug making, carving,  cotton weaving, or mescal manufacture.  The handcrafts are offered in the City markets and shops.

Oaxaca Artisans

Oaxaca Artisan Villages Specialize.  Here the village of Coyotepec specializes in black pottery
Oaxaca Artisan Villages Specialize; Teotitlan del Valle is notable for the weaving of wool rugs.
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Wool rugs are the specialty of the Oaxacan artist  weavers of Teotitlan del Valle
At a Oaxaca artisan shop in the City of Oaxaca,  weavers from the village of Teotitlan del Valle offer woven wool rugs
Oaxaca Artisan villages
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