Oaxaca Bus Service
Oaxaca First class bus service serves Oaxaca to much of southern and Central Mexico
ADO BusLine, Grand Luxury Division http://www.adogl.com.mx
(Lujo service only, does not include ADO first class buses)

Flecha Amarilla  www.flecha-amarilla.com.mx

UNO Bus Line  http://www.uno.com.mx/  Now Platino

Mexico City Terminals and partial bus schedules


Oaxaca Bus Service, First Class Buses, Second Class Buses

    Levels of Bus Service

Mexico's first class bus system
First Class buses will get you in and out of Oaxaca City while an extensive fleet of older second class buses that run from the second class terminal follow bus routes to the remotest of villages..      
"Premier First Class", "Semi-Directo", or "Local", the absolute best travel bargain in Mexico is still the long haul bus combined with the public bus systems in the cities and with the connections to the villages.  Combine these systems with the taxis, "Colectivos" in the small Oaxacan villages and the "Camionetas", and crossroads colective taxis you find on the coast and you can get anywhere you want for a low pesos-per-mile. Here is the breakdown:

Primera Clase  (First Class Bus)

This class includes Central and Southern Mexico's first class service listed here, from the highest cost to the lowest, in order:  Platino (formerly UNO),  ADO Gran Lujo, ADO,  and OCC. (formerly Cristobal Colon)  Cuenca Runs 2nd class service from the same terminal to Veracruz State over the northern mountains.
These lines operate in the ADO bus system in Central and Southern Mexico, south of Mexico City to the Yucatan and Guatemalan border.  They serve the major cities and do so at varying levels of pricing and service. (The price varies a great deal; the service varies in legroom and fewer stops with the higher priced service)  (see price breakdown below)
  • Northern Mexico Bus Service
Outside of the State of Oaxaca and to the north of Mexico City:  Estrella Blanca, Estrella Roja,  TAP, Omnibus, and Chihuahuenses run bus routes to the US border
Estrella Blanca serves much of the Pacific Coast from Hermosillo south with first class service, Tap serves the border area south of the US to Mexico City.
Tufesa Bus runs across the US Border from the US to Guadalajara.

Tica Bus runs from Tapachula, Chiapas to Panama City Panama.
  • Segunda Clase  

The Second Class Bus  will most often leave from a different terminal than the premier class, usually in the older section of downtown perhaps near the train station.  (Passenger trains no longer operate in  Mexico except the run through Copper Canyon)

Oaxaca first class buses run to Mexico City’s Tapo Terminal or officially called the Terminal Oriente. ADO does not run north of Mexico City except on the Gulf of Mexico coast to the States of Veracruz and Tamaulipas.  
Tapo Terminal  serves the southern and southeastern parts of Mexico including the States of Puebla, Oaxaca, Tlaxcala, Tabasco,  
Chiapas,  Campeche,  Veracruz,  and Yucatan.

Oaxaca first class buses run also to Mexico City’s Terminal Norte also called Terminal Central Norte.  
ADO Connects there with Veracruz, Tamaulipas, and south.
Terminal  Norte serves the country north to the US border with many first class bus lines that serve Matamoros, Nuevo Loredo,  Juarez/ El Paso TX,
Agua Prieta/Douglass, AZ, Nogales/Nogales, AZ, and as far west as Tijuana/San Diego.  

The states of Mexico served to the north and west include Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahiula, Nuevo Leon, Sinaloa, Durango, San Luis Potosi, Tamaulipas, Nayarit,
Zacatecas, Guanajuato,  Jalisco, Hidalgo, Aguascalientes, Michoacan, Colima, and Queretaro.
Southern and eastern States served: Oaxaca,  
Chiapas, Veracruz, and Puebla.  Buses run on a frequent schedule the ruin of Tula and Teotihuacan Ruin out of Terminal Norte

Mexico City’s Terminal Central Sur serves the central and southern States of Guerrero Puebla, Morelos/Cuernavaca, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Tabasco, and Chiapas.

Mexico City’s Terminal Centro Poniente serves the central and western states of Michoacan, Jalisco, Guerrero, Nayarit,  Queretaro, the State of Mexico DF, and northwest to Sonora, and Sinaloa.  

First Class Bus Routes

First Class Buses run from Oaxaca's ADO terminal on the Pan American Highway. From there you can reach any city in Mexico and can also get to the US border or the border at Guatemala and Belize.  
ADO runs brand new  buses with comfortable reclining seats,
seatbelts, lavatory TV, AC, (bring a sweater) window blinds and curtains. The reclining seats are made for sleeping.       

Reach Merida from Oaxaca's ADO Terminal

Oaxaca's Second Class Bus terminal

Second class bus service starts at the terminal rnear the Abastos Market, 3 blocks south and eight  blocks west of the center of Oaxaca the Zocalo.

Au Bus and Sur Bus
Find Au Buses and Sur Buses running second class service on the Periferico near the Abastos Market.
Second class service breaks down further
Directo: Directo is supposed to make few stops in a station to station fashion but seldom does, although it does not stop at every way station through the mountains or along the coast.
Semi-Directo Makes more frequent but limited stops
Ordinario Ordinario is a local bus although it may travel for fifty to a hundred miles. It is very inexpensive but will make frequent stops.

  • Segunda Class

Bus Lines: Estrella Blanca is one of the lines covering the coastal area with first class buses that might leave from a second class terminal Other second class service. Flecha Amarilla, Estrella Roja,.  These can deliver a high level of service with direct buses while leaving from the second class terminal.  

Village Buses: Many small second class lines serve the villages from the second class terminal.  Mexico is mountainous country to the extreme and often a bus will make one trip in to the village and then park for the night to return to the city the following day.

First Class Bus Price Spread:
This example is for a trip form Oaxaca City in Oaxaca State to San Cristobal de Las Casa in Chiapas State, a distance of 380 Miles approximately

Platino Service   692  Pesos
ADO   GL  466 Pesos (Grand Lujo)
OCC  338 Pesos  
Reach Palenque from Oaxaca's ADO Terminal
Reach San Jose El Mogote from Oaxaca's collectivo stop  west of the Abastos Market
To Reach the Ruins of Toltec Tula from Oaxaca, Take the first Class ADO bus to Mexico City's Terminal Norte
From Terminal Norte   Ovnibus  (not Omnibus)runs service to Tula every 20 minutes  each day.
To Reach the Ruins of Teotihuacan from Oaxaca, Take the first Class ADO bus to Mexico City's Terminal Norte
From Terminal Norte   The Autobuses Teotihuacan Bus runs  daily service to Teotihuacan Ruin every 15 minutes starting at 6 AM.  
Air Travel to Oaxaca
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Oaxaca Mexico's First Class Bus Service runs bus routes from Oaxaca's ADO terminal on the Pan American Highway.  ADO  first class buses serve  to all of Southern,  Central, and the north Gulf  Coast to Matamoros.
Oaxaca First Class
Bus Service
Oaxaca Bus service is plentiful.  Five blocks east and four blocks north of the Santo Domingo Church, above,  the new ADO station serves all of Southern Mexico and as far north as the US Border on the Gulf Coast.
Ecotour Oaxaca
Transportation Oaxaca
Bus to Teotihuacan Ruin and Tula Ruin
Oaxaca Hotels, Vacation Lodging,  Flights,  Rental Cars
  • Shopping, Dining
Oaxaca City offers a transportation hub to much of southern Mexico.   While in the modern, cosmopolitan City of Oaxaca you can find sophisticated shopping, gourmet dining, and many lodging and transportation options.
  • Hotels, Vacation Rentals
Luxury hotels and lodging for all budgets is offered in the preserved colonial center.  
  • Flights
Air service from Oaxaca's small, modern jet port offers direct flights to Houston, international  connections through Mexico City, and direct flight to the coastal resorts On Oaxaca's Pacific Coast.  
  • Auto Rental
Rental cars are available at the airport (OAX) and in Oaxaca City center.

   Shop Oaxaca Hotels, See Reviews, Maps, Photos, Room Rates.

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