Oaxaca  Mexico  years ago established support systems for ecotourism in an attempt to help the local people preserve the indigenous animals and plants.
the towns of Benito Juarez Lachetao, Cuajilmoloyas, and Santa Maria Yavesla.  This reasonably priced lodging is maintained by the local people who hope to attract visitors to the mountains for biking, hiking, and for camping in the cloud forest of pine at ten thousand feet.
More distant from the city, the towns of Ixtlan de Juarez, Guelatao de Juarez, and Calpulalpam,  located about 70 km out of Oaxaca city on Route 175 in the Sierra Norte  Mountains,  welcome adventure tourists with cabins, bike and hiking trails, and traditional (indigenous) medicine which includes a Temezcal steam bath.  
Oaxaca Article about alternative adventure  with contact information http://www.transitionsabroad.com/publications/magazine/0211/mexicointheclouds.shtml
Oaxaca Ecotour and Mountain Sport,
Oaxaca State runs this program to  preserve the natural beauty of the mountains.  The State attempts to encourage sustainable tourism rather than exploitation and depletion of the resources.
They help the local people maintain miles of paved and dirt roads that connect dozens of villages in the mountains.  The local people provide support for hiking, biking, and camping. The state provides the transportation from the city of Oaxaca  and arranges the lodging in the communities with local families or in state-run tourist cabins.  
Oaxaca State agencies run the tourists shelters throughout the mountainous State of Oaxaca at affordable prices for visitors seeking alternative adventure.
After a mountain adventure if you are still in the spirit of absorbing the culture, head for dinner at one of the many Zocalo restaurants and sample some of the more exotic Oaxacan dishes, foremost among them, roasted grasshopper.   
Oaxaca Restaurant Review   
After a day trip or weekend in the mountains the lively City of Oaxaca with its fine restaurants and salsa dance clubs makes a welcome change..
Oaxaca Mexico's mountains
reach nearly ten thousand feet
and rim the city of Oaxaca.
Housing is available for visitors
in the mountain villages.
Trails and paved or dirt roads
connect all the many villages
in the  mountains.
Oaxaca Mountain Lodging
Biking, Hiking, Camping
Oaxaca Alternative Sports and EcoTourism,    Ecotourismo
Pueblo Mancomunados
Oaxaca's Sierra Norte, the northern mountains visible to the north of the City of Oaxaca, are serviced by two main roads, one near the city which heads towards Tuxtepec Route 175.  (left off Rt.190 a few miles south east of the city}
mountains to the towns of
Guelatao de Juarez, Ixtlan de Juarez and Calpulalpam, about 50 miles north of the city on  steep but well maintained mountain road.
17th Century churches should be of interest,   Ixtan's and Calpulalpam' churches have extraordinary carved altars.
The clinic for
traditional medicine in Calpulalpam is notable for having over 700 plant and mineral based curatives as well as a Temezcal or herb and steam bath.
How to Get There
Getting There
In another part of the mountains of the Sierra Juarez at the towns of Benito Juarez Lachetao and Cuajilmoloyas, and Santa Maria Yavesla  are closer to highway 190 and within sight of the City of Oaxaca.
The State manages
tourist housing (cabanas)for those who come  to mountain bike,  to hike, and to camp.
Reach these villages by the road to Santa Ana del valle at Tlacolula.
Stay right at the crossroad to Santa Ana del Valle, follow the signs to Diaz Ordaz and take a left for
Pueblo Mancomunados.
This paved road into the mountains is not well marked and you might need to get local information if you are driving your own vehicle. Bus service out of Tlacolula reaches Cuajilmoloyas  
Benito Juarez, a bus runs through the village of Teotitlan del Valle and takes the dirt road into the mountains.
Tourist Information Center
Secretaria de Tourismo
703 Ave Juarez
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go north to the Llano Park and the theatre building at 703, the office is on the right side of the building.
Buses leave the second class terminal for Ixtlan and Guelatao.
Collectivos (shared Taxis) leave form a stop near the Benito Juarez monument on Rroute 190 just southeast  of the city of Oaxaca.  
Expeditions Sierra Norte in Oaxaca city runs the office for the  ecotourism trips to the mountains.  They  can supply information reservations, maps and transportation information.
Spanish and English
Pueblo Mancomunados:
Seven mountain villages
cooperate to preserve the
mountain ecosystem that
is their home by offering
lodging, hiking, horseback
riding, and biking on over
60 miles of trail between
the villages.
Guides are available at each village for between $12 and $20 USD per day
Arrangements by
Expeditions Sierra Norte
Expeditions Sierra Norte 210 M. Bravo (street) two blocks west of the pedestrian- only Alcala (street)  can supply English and Spanish language information, reservations, maps and transportation information.. Mon- Fri.  930- 500  Sat. until Noon
To reach Ixtlan in the northern Sierras on your own, take the Cuenca bus from the ADO first class terminal.
Buses leave for the hour and a half trip to Ixtlan on their way to Tuxtepec:
Oaxaca Mexico encompasses niche climates and isolated ecosystems in its rain forests at ten thousand feet..
In the mountains of the Sierra Juarez, within the towns of Benito Juarez Lachetao, Cuajilmoloyas, and Santa Maria Yavesla,   the State has built housing for tourists aimed at  encouraging visitors to come  for the mountain biking,  hiking, and camping in the cloud forests of pine.
the mountains of the Sierra Juarez, within the towns of Benito Juarez Lachetao, Cuajilmoloyas, and Santa Maria Yavesla.  The State has built housing for tourists aimed at  encouraging visitors to come  for the mountain biking,  hiking and camping in the cloud forests of pine at ten thousand feet.
Oaxaca Alternative Sports and EcoTourism,    Ecotourismo Pueblo Mancomunados
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After a mountain biking trip, Oaxaca City might be a welcome sight for its luxury hotels and lodging.
Oaxaca also offers a small, modern jet airport with flights to the Pacific Coast and direct flights to Houston and international connections through Mexico City.  Rental cars are available at the airport and in the center of Oaxaca City.  Oaxaca City museums of art and culture offer archaeological exhibits, fine art, and cultural exhibits.  Tour agencies offer tours to artisan villages and ruin sites or you can use the extensive transportation systems to self guide.   Birding, and ecotours to the coast are available.
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