A stork nesting on an island in the Chacahua Lagoon, Oaxaca Pacific Coast.  Oaxaca State established the Chacahua Preserve to sustain threatened animals and birds. The local people preserve the natural habitat for the indigenous animals and plants and create sustainable tourism.   
Oaxaca Article about alternative adventure  with contact information http://www.transitionsabroad.
Oaxaca Ecotourism,
Pacific Coast Lagoon Tours Oaxaca
Oaxaca State runs a program to  preserve the natural beauty of the Lagoon and river deltas and has encouraged sustainable tourism rather than exploitation of the resources.
Oaxaca State agencies support the local people who protect the coastal animals such as the sea turtles in the Mazunte area,  the Iguanas, and the birds. The state provides the means for the local people to conduct  tours for people seeking alternative adventure.
Oaxaca Mexico's Pacific Coast is made up of long stretches of beach and large brackish water and fresh water lagoons such as the Chacahua Lagoon along the  jungle coastline.
  • Chacahua Lagoon
Fifty miles west of Puerto Escondido on Highway 200 at the village of Zapotalito, the Pastoria Lagoon offers access to the  Chacahua Lagoon and National Park (Laguna de Chacahua).  This is a huge lagoon system open to the ocean, part of which has been designated a preserve since 1937.
Reach by tour out of Puerto Escondido

  • Manialtepec Lagoon
Closer to Puerto Escondido (6 miles) on the same highway, the Manialtepec Lagoon (Laguna de Manialtepec) offers kayak rentals and boat tours for observing spoonbills, storks, pelicans and cranes and a variety of migratory birds as they feed in the mangroves.
Oaxaca Pacific Coast Lagoon Trips, Kayaking, Bird Tours by Boat.
Oaxaca Alternative tourism Pacific Coast EcoTourism   
How to Reach Puerto Escondido
Tourist Information Center
Secretaria de Tourismo
703 Ave Benito Juarez
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go 8 blocks north and three blocks east to Llano Park  They are in the building housing the Theatre.
  • Flights
Air service reache Pueto Escondido and Huatulco form Oaxaca City.
  • Buses
First class buses leave Oaxaca City's first class ADO terminal bound for Huatulco. Pochutla and Puerto Escondido
Buses leave the
second class terminal in Oaxaca City for Pochutla and Puerto Escondido.  
  • Van Service
Vans serve from Oaxaca City to Puerto Escondido.  6 hour trip 120 pesos
Colectivos, shared taxi, or (camionetta) in Pochutla make runs to Mazunte, Puerto Angel,  Zipolite and Puerto Escondido.
Local buses run along the coast road and connect all the coastal towns and villages  
To reach Manialtepec go by tour out of Puerto Escondido or bus or taxi six miles west of Puerto Escondido to the  Manialtepec Lagoon
(Laguna de Manialtepec)
  • Providers
Providers rent kayaks and offer boat tours into the mangroves to observe animals and birds including spoonbills, storks, pelicans and cranes and a variety of migratory birds that feed among the mangroves.   
  • Restaurant La Puesta del Sol  951-588-3867  
Sea Food,  Kayak rentals, Boat tours
  • La Flor del Pacifico
Restaurant seafood and Kayak rental/ boat tours
  • Diving
Puerto Escondido dive shops will provide all equipment, lessons, and local info. Cove beach dive spots for scuba and snorkel are Playa (beach) Carrizalillo,  and Manzanillo
  • Surfing
Playa Zicatela is Puerto Escondido's surfing beach with an annual November international competition.  This beach is open to the ocean and can have 20 foot waves, not recommended for swimming. Tandem skydiving during the november competitions add to the excitement.
  • Swimming
The protected beaches in Puerto Escondido are Playa Marinero  in the center of the village and Playa (beach) Carrizalillo, Angelito, and Manzanillo in protected coves a little west of the village center
Oaxaca Pacific Coast Beaches
  • Zipolite Beach:
Zipolite is Mexico's only nude optional beach.  Zipolite is open to the ocean and can have a strong rip current and undertow as well as decent surfing waves.
A few cabanas, posadas and palpa restaurants line the beach but rarely does Zipolite see crowds except at Christmas and Easter.
  • Puerto Angel Beaches;
The main beach near the pier Playa Muelle is a good place to watch the fishermen bring in their catches during the late morning. Other beaches good for snorkel, swimming and diving are Playa are Playa Mina and Boquilla.
  • Mazunte Beaches:
Mazunte's people were at the vanguard for the protection of the ocean turtle, once prized for the eggs laid on the beaches.  
The museum and aquarium devoted to saving the sea turtle is an interesting visit as is Play Cometa    
  • Playa Ventanilla:
Local families work to preserve this beach and lagoon by offering boat tours and guided trips to view crocodiles, birds, and iguanas.
  • Huatulco:
The nine bays and 36 beaches of Huatulco, 180 miles south of Oaxaca City,  will offer something for everyone including 360 days of sunshine each year. .  Upscale lodging and entertainment in the resort town catering to tour ships that dock in Santa Cruz  attracts visitors that arrive by air service into Huatulco's airport, via ADO bus, or the highway out of Mexico City.
Large areas of the region are set aside as ecological preserves (Huatulco National Wildlife and Marine Park)  and the resort area recently received  Green Globe 21 recognition as an environment friendly development, the first in the Americas to do so.
Tangolunda Bay is an area of five star hotels and a golf course, the tidy town of La Crucecita more touristy .
Reach Huatulco on Route 190 out of Oaxaca in about 7 hours.
Second class bus service to Pochutla on highway 175 (7-8 hours) and then local bus  
Oaxaca Mexico offers Chacahua Lagoon tours,  Manialtepec Lagoon kayaking, and Ventanilla Lagoon tours for views of Oaxaca's unique coastal ecosystems and  niche climates.
Crocodile, ibis, stork and pelican inhabit the lagoons
Oaxaca Ecotourism on the Pacific Coast of  Mexico offers unique coastal environments in the Chacahua and Manialtepec lagoons where you can view rare and endangered birds and animals.
Oaxaca  Pacific Coast lodging Zipolite Beach
Oaxaca Ecotourism Pacific Coast
Puerto Escondido Surfing
Bus Fares,Puerto Escondido  
Oaxaca Ecotours
Puerto Escondido Lodging
Bus Oaxaca, Pacific Coast
Hotels Puerto Escondido
Oaxaca Ecotours on the Pacific Coast view  Lagoon birds and animals
Oaxaca Ecotours on the Pacific Coast visit Lagoons and rivers to view  locally rare and endangered birds and animals
A stork nesting on an island in the Chacahua Lagoon, Oaxaca Pacific Coast
Oaxaca City Hotels, Vacation Lodging,  Flights,  Rental Cars
If you are ecotouring from the modern, cosmopolitan City of Oaxaca you can find many amenities.
  • Hotels, Vacation Rentals
Luxury hotels and lodging for all budgets is offered in the preserved colonial center.  
  • Flights
Air service from Oaxaca's small, modern jet port offers direct flights from Houston and international  connections through Mexico City, and direct flights to Puerto Escondido and Huatulco for coastal ecotours.  
  • Auto Rental
Rental cars are available at the airport (OAX) and in Oaxaca City center.
Bus and van service reaches the Pacific Coast from Oaxaca City
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