Oaxaca Spanish Language Schools Oaxaca Mexico, Cultural Immersion
Oaxaca's language schools teach amid a bounty of cultural excellence that could be Mexico's best kept cultural secret. Located in the middle of South Central Mexico between two mountain ranges, Oaxaca is home to many indigenous people who are multi lingual, speaking Spanish and still using 17 or so indigenous languages in the mountains and valleys. They do not, however, use English and this makes studying language at one of Oaxaca's language schools a perfect environment for those wanting to study language in total immersion.    
Oaxaca Spanish Language Schools in Oaxaca Mexico include Cultural Immersion.   Lessons include  cooking, dancing and weekend hiking, biking, visits to artisans, art museums, and tours of pre-Hispanic ruins.  
Language schools in Oaxaca number at least eight, both large and small, teaching Spanish in the city.    Many private instructors teach the finer subtleties to those honing their language skills. ($10-11. USD Per Hour) This article will discuss the established schools and list a few of the private teachers along with a side bar of events to plan for while visiting Oaxaca City.
Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca: This well established language school has a spacious campus with many small class rooms and outdoor space beneath shading palm trees.
Becari Language School: Located in a 200 year old building at M. Bravo #210, in the Plaza San Cristobal, the Becari Language school offers 3 hour sessions 5 days a week and help with home stay accommodations.
Becari@becari.com.MX,      Don't forget the MX after.com    
M. Bravo # 210
Plaza San Cristobal
Oaxaca, Oax.
Mexico, 68000
Tel/Fax: 011 52 (951) 514 6076
E-mail: becari@becari.com.mx
Instituto de Communicacion y Cultura: Known as the  ICC, the institute  was founded in 1986  and is located within a fine old building on a pedestrian only street. The ICC  is a well respected school and offers 3- hour  programs with many electives and helps with home stays with a local family that would include meals.
The ICC also offer some unique opportunities that would have a student working with the local people in some interesting volunteer slots helping local groups who aid families and children. This immersion also gives the language student a chance to practice conversation while doing some good for those less fortunate.
Amerispan    Amerispan Language Schools  www.amerispan.com/language_schools/
Acedemia Vinigulaza   www.vinigulaza.com Academia Vinigúlaza  Abasolo 503  Centro Historico, Oaxaca,  C.P. 68000, Oaxaca, México.
Telephone: +52 (951) 513-2763,    Email: info@vinigulaza.com,  
Instituto Amigos del Sol
Espanol Interactivo Language School     www.studyspanishinoaxaca.com
Grammar in the morning, conversation at noon, weaving, cooking, or Salsa dancing in the afternoon, and intercambio, a cultural interchange, in the late afternoon might leave your head spinning but the total immersion moves you quickly into the culture and rhythm of Oaxacan Spanish.
Four hundred sixty USD a month including the electives and help finding housing with a local family that will include family meals makes this one of the most complete program in Oaxaca.
They also include lectures by visiting scholars, films, and field trips for various weekend events.
Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca
Entrance to the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca language school
Oaxaca  Language School Listing        Oaxaca Language Schools List
Instituto Amigos del Sol, Pino suarez 802    institutoamigosdelsol@yahoo.com   
Oaxaca Language Schools
For a list of other local private teachers of Spanish email me: info(at) softSeatTraveler(dot)com
  • Accommodation, Language Schools
Oaxaca's Language schools listed here are located in the modern City of Oaxaca where the preserved and historic colonial center offers a mix of accommodations from luxury hotels, inns, B&Bs,  posada, and hostels.

  • Home Stays
The language schools also offer home stays that include meals.
Jet flights to Oaxaca's modern airport put the study of language as well as the culinary tour, a ruins tour, or a hiking, biking, and camping tour in the mountains within easy reach for the traveler or the vacationer.
Great restaurants, reasonable car rentals, good bus service, and the proximity to Huatulco resort beaches and the surfing beaches of Puerto Escondido make Oaxaca a great place to study language or for a vacation.
Private Language Instructors in Oaxaca

Hector Palacios      Email,  h_palcios_flores@hotmail.com

Laura Olachea,  Email  spanishclassesoaxaca@yahoo.com

Maria,   Mariasiem79@hotmail.com

Claudia Angeles       Tel 516-0724         516-1105
Oaxaca Spanish Magic, Language School     951-516-7316
Oaxaca Cooking Classes
Rancho Auroa
Susanna Trilling, Author of
Seasons of My Heart
Oaxaca Language Schools Oaxaca Mexico are a Cultural resource in the City of Oaxaca
Oaxaca Spanish Language Schools in Oaxaca Mexico  offer so much to do they make Oaxaca a great place to study language.
Oaxaca Festivals
Oaxaca Flights
Oaxaca Shopping, Tours
Oaxaca Sightseeing
Bus Oaxaca City,
Hotels Oaxaca City
  • Hotels, Flights, Lodging, Rental Cars, Village Tours
Oaxaca City offers luxury hotels and lodging ranging from 2 star to 5 star.  Vacation rentals are available along with luxury five star hotels in the city of Oaxaca and at the Pacific Coast resort of Huatulco.
  • Air Service, Flights
The small, modern jet airport offers direct flights to Houston and international connections through Mexico City.  Flight go direct to the Pacific Coast resorts of Huatuclco and Puerto Escondido.
  • Auto Rental
Rental cars are available at the airport and in the center of Oaxaca City.
  • Museums, Ruin Site Tours, Hiking, Mountain Biking
Museums of art and culture offer archaeological exhibits and cultural exhibits.  Tour agencies offer tours to artisan villages and to many ruin sites near the city.  An extensive transportation systems aids those that wish to self guide.   Mountain biking, hiking, birding, and ecotours to the mountains and coast are available through tour agencies or self guide.
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