Oaxaca's Pacific  Coast Beaches  Puerto Escondido has the most activity and includes good bus service and an airport while Mazunte, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel are good places to get away form civilization.
Further south the nine bays and thirty two beaches of
Huatulco will please both surfer and those seeking solitude. An airport and bus serve the Huatulco area.
November surf competition at Puerto Escondido brings lots of activity, Christmas and New Year brings vacationers but otherwise these beaches are a peaceful getaway.  
Escondido, Mazunte, Zipolite, Puerto Angel, Huatulco, and many small beach villages
Oaxaca Pacific Coast Beaches
Oaxaca's Pacific Coast beaches are relatively deserted at dawn when early risers walk the beach and runners get their exercise.
Oaxaca's Zipolite Beach can be reached by air from Oaxaca's airport (OAX) to Puerto Escondido and then from bus southeast along the coast to Pochutla. and from there a short taxi ride.
Oaxaca City for Salina cruz and then Pochutla. (10 hours)
Second Class bus service leaves Oaxaca City's Second Class terminal and goes over the mountains to Puerto Escondido or to Pochutla.  (8 hours)
Van service makes a run to Pochutla. (6 hours)
The mountain driving can be tough on those prone to motion sickness, dramamine is recommended.
Oaxaca Pacific Coast Beaches include Puerto Escondido whith bus service and an airport.
Mazunte, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel are nearly deserted beaches while the nine bays and thirty two beaches of Huatulco offer a luxury beach vacation.
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