Oaxaca Ruin Sites East Of Oaxaca City

Excavations in Oaxaca brought many artifacts for display at the Santo Domingo Cultural Center and Museum in the center of Oaxaca City.  Mitla site is reached by public bus to the town of Mitla, east of Oaxaca City.
Many classic-era tomb offerings came from digs east of Oaxaca city such as Yagul archaeological ruin site 20 miles east of the modern City of Oaxaca.  The artifacts come to Oaxac City for display at the Santo Domingo Cultural Museum next to the Santo Domingo Church.   Reach by the bus for Tlacalula or by collective cab to the crossroads.  Walk one mile to the site entrance
The ruin of Mitla was an important center were Zapotec and Mixtec cultures built stone temples in a complex of buildings east fo Oaxaca City.

Reach Archaeological Ruin Sites East Of Oaxaca City, Mexico

Find second class buses and colectivos at the corner in front of the Vokswagon dealer near the baseball staduim.  Mitla, Tlacalula buses will reach the site to the southeast of the city.

Oaxaca Ruin Sites east of Oaxaca City number four preserved archaeological sites within 40 miles of Oaxaca City open to the public.
The Oaxaca Valley preserves many ancient ruin sites including Dainzu, reached by public bus, taxi, collective taxi and private auto on Route 190, south east of the city of Oaxaca.
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From the Zocalo go north to the Llano Park and the theatre building at 703, the office is on the right side of the building.
Mitla Ruin Site, Oaxaca, Mexico
Eight major sites are within forty miles of Oaxaca City including Mitla

Oaxaca Valley Ruin Sites

Oaxaca Archaeological Ruin Sites
East of Oaxaca City
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Mitla Ruin Site is 30 miles east Oaxaca City and reached by good road via public bus, private auto, taxi, or collective taxi.
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Mitla Archaeological site