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Monte Alban

Transportation To Archaeological Ruin Sites In Oaxaca

OCC Bus reaches Huatulco from Oaxaca City for tours of the Copalita museum and archaeological site.
Reach Monte Alban Ruin Site and  Museum by tour bus or taxi
The archaeological ruin site of Mitla, with buildings unique in Mexico, can be reached by local bus out of Oaxaca City and by collective taxi or private taxi.  The archaeological site shows the influence of 10th century AD Mixtec art on the resident Zapotec culture
Transportation to Monte Alban can be by bus, taxi , auto, hiking or biking the six-mile paved road west of Oaxaca City .
Transportation to Dainzu Archaeological ruin site south of Oaxaca City can be by public bus and a quarter-mile walk on the access road
In culturally rich Oaxaca  archaeological digs continue and new artifacts enter the Oaxaca Cultural Museum in the city
Transportation to Oaxacan archaeological ruin sites can be by public bus and colectivo for the sites within an hours drive from the City of Oaxaca. ADO, Sur, and OCC bus will reach the sites further away.

Transportation to San Jose Mogote Ruin Site and Museum can be collective taxi, taxi, private auto, or tour out of Oaxaca City.

Transportation To Oaxaca Archaeological Ruin Sites

Transportation by Autobuses Touristico

Buses reache the mountaintop archaeological site at 1,300 feet where the ritual center of Monte Alban ruled the Oaxaca Valley for 1200 years

From 1500 BC to 1519 AD, technologically advanced indigenous cultures in Oaxaca built monumental cities of stone, reaching an apex in artistic achievement at around 800 AD and then, after an unexplained decline in population,becoming resurgent in 1200.
The Spanish conquerers and colonists often built their churches over the existing indigenous temples, using the already quarried rock for building material.  The church at Teotitlan del Valle is built over an 8th Century Zapotec temple.

Oaxaca Ruins Transportation
Bus, Taxi, Colectivo

Reach Oaxaca Archaeological Sites by private car, taxi, colectivo, tour from the city, or public bus.
There are
ruin sites open for tours within a few miles of the city. (30 miles for Mitla)
Teotitlan del Valle has a small museum of artifacts and village life and history but the temple site is now beneath a Spanish colonial era church.
Lambityeco can be reached by public bus or taxi/collectivo while Yagul, Dainzu, and  Huijazoo can be harder to reach by public transportation because of remote access roads .  (half mile to a mile)
Tours to the ruins are available through agencies, or guides in Oaxaca City or the visitor can self guide using the well marked trails and explanatory plaques  done in the Zapotec language, in Spanish, and in English.
Oaxaca has two museums in the city that display artifacts, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center and the Rufino Tamayo Museum of  Pre-hispanic Art
Oaxaca City is great for walkers with its pedestrian-only streets. The Colonial city also and has many attractions and cultural tours for vacationers.
  Oaxaca is just as
walkable and full of culture  and history as any European city.
In Oaxaca City you'll find
 art museums, restaurants, biking, walking in the parks and hills and many ancient archaeological ruins near the city.

Boutique hotels, Inns called posadas, and historic buildings converted to hotels,  make Oaxaca City a good choice for a vacation.
Reached within a day's flight from US or Canadian cities, Oaxaca is well located in the 5000 foot mountains giving it a perfect climate
Transportation to Zaachila Ruin site and its tombs is provided by the Zaachila Bus, five block south of the Zocalo.  Collective cabs and tours also reach Zaachila
In the Weaving Village of Teotitlan del Valle there is a ruined temple beneath the Spanish Colonial church.  This is not an archaeological site open for tours but interesting nonetheless for the ancient temple and the small, community museum nearby.  Much shopping here as well.  Reach via Teotitlan del Valle Bus, taxi, colectivo, private auto,or tour out of Oaxaca City
Ruin of Lambityeco is reached by public bus or colectivo from Oaxaca.  Take the second class bus for Tlacalula or Mitla and ask the driver to stop at Lambityeco

  Oaxaca Archaeological Sites

Oaxaca City has nine ruin sites within 30 miles of the city.
These major
archaeological sites with building stages that span 1200 BC to 1519 AD are open to the public and can be reached by car, taxi, or public bus.

Of this group
Monte Alban, Mitla, Atzompa and San Jose El Mogote have museums and can be reached easily by public transportation.
Click Image for French and Spanish Language information about Dainzu and other Oaxaca Ruin Sites
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  Reach The Atzompa Site

Atzompa offers a museum with classic era Monte Alban tomb offerings and good views of the Oaxaca Valley.  Reach by taxi or collective taxi to Atzompa Village and then taxi to the site

Transportation to the Yagul archaeological ruin site can be by second class bus to Tlacolula.  Ask the driver to stop at Yagul crossroad.  Walk one mile to site.
Atzompa Archaeological Ruin Site, Oaxaca
From the Atzompa one gets a good view of the mill of Monte Alban and the terraces where once there were house sites.