Oaxaca Scenes,  Places and Events for a Oaxaca Vacation
Oaxaca City was built by the Spanish colonists starting in the 1520s and therefore has many European style buildings, many built in the 1600s.

Earthquakes have  caused rebuilding s over the years but the preserved colonial center of the city maintains a European tone due to its many classic colonial buildings and churches.
Oaxaca stands unique among world cities because of its thriving indigenous population, 11 or so languages still spoken within the mountainous state and the many ancient rituals still practiced.  This combining of the colonial Spanish, modern European, and indigenous culture gives Oaxaca a flair for art and spectacle unique in the world.
Oaxaca City is surrounded by mountains that rise to nearly ten thousand feet.  The settlement was established in a valley at 5000 feet and the surrounding mountains have isolated the villages somewhat and perpetuated the speaking of the ancient languages and the practice of the old customs.
Oaxaca Bus Service now connects the city with nearly every village and provides a way for the people of the mountains to visit the city and for visitors to Oaxaca to travel to the remote places. Often the bus will make one trip over the mountain roads to the village and park for the night, returning to Oaxaca City the following day. Most of the villages in the mountains have some sort of lodging for visitors.      
Calpulalpam:  A mountain village unique because of its tradition medicine clinic (Plant based) with over 700 natural herbs and minerals for treatment.  The clinic also has a Temezcal bath a Therapeutic steam  chamber  bound to cure most anything. Also in the village, spectacular wood carving in the colonial style church
Pluma Hidalgo: For coffee lovers this is the place to see it grown and to smell the aroma as the cooperative roasting house fires up the ovens. December/January harvest of organically grown coffee.
Oaxaca's Guelaguetza:  Oaxaca is said to be made up of seven distinct regions based on geographic and cultural differences. One of the most important events in the city is the July Guelaguetza (gift) a meeting of folkloric dancers and musicians from the seven regions at the arena on Del Fortin Hill high above the northwest side of the city  where a several day party takes place.
Oaxaca's Days of the Dead: Another important event in the life of Oaxaca is the Day Of The Dead ritual. Actually two or three Days of the Dead but the action takes place at night in the cemeteries of the villages and in the Panteon General in the city. Usually starting on the last day of October and lasting for two nightly vigils in the cemeteries as families clean and decorate their family plots and tombs in anticipation of the return of the spirits.
Oaxaca's Night of the Radishes: Only in Oaxaca can one find this unique competition in the carving of huge radishes to create exorbitant sculptures that go on display in the Zocalo on December 23 and are judged for money prizes. The stakes are big and some of Oaxaca's best artists and artisans will compete by making incredible carvings and sculptures done with the lowly radish.
Christmas: The city hosts so many visitors that the ATM machines run out of cash.. Beginning with the several Virgin's days on December 8th: Guadeloupe,Juquila, Soledad, and right up until the three Kings some time in January the festivals continue. Oaxaca loves to party
Dining in Oaxaca: Oaxaca Restaurants Review
Oaxaca Scenes, Events, and church tours : Two hour tour of churches and other places. Get an insiders look at Oaxaca. Meet Linda at Zocalo in front of Cathedral at 10:00 AM Tuesdays and Saturdays   ridgecliff@hotmail.com
Oaxaca City
Has over twenty churches in the city, some built in the 16the Century by the Spanish colonists.
Many European style church buildings now house museums of art and culture. , The preserved colonial center of the city maintains a European atmosphere with its pedestrian only streets and main plaza called the Zocalo.
Santo Domingo Church started in 1572
More Info
Secretaria de Tourismo
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go north to the Llano Park and the theatre building at 703, the office is on the right side of the building.
Oaxaca City is great for walkers with its pedestrian-only streets. The Colonial city also While the Euro could  prevent a family vacation to Paris this year, Oaxaca City is just as walkable and full of culture  and history.
In Oaxaca City you'll find
 art museums, restaurants, biking, walking in the parks and hills and many ancient archaeological ruins near the city.

Boutique hotels, Inns called posadas, B&Bs, and historic buildings converted to hotels,  make Oaxaca City a good choice for a vacation.
Reached within a day's flight from US or Canadian cities, Oaxaca is well located in the 5000 foot mountains giving it a perfect
House rentals, and Apartment rentals   put Oaxaca City  within reach of budget conscious travelers.  
Oaxaca Scenes, Events and Places in Oaxaca Mexico where cultural events revolve around local ethnic people who have a unique cuisine, artisan art, artistry and ruin sites
Oaxaca Scenes  Places and Events for a Oaxaca Vacation  
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