Oaxaca Shopping, Artisans, Weaving Villages, Teotitlan del Valle, Santa Ana del Valle, Barrio Xochimilco, Mitla
In Oaxaca, Each village has a special market day where hand made works of art come from the villages for sale
Zaachila Market, Thursday (combine a visit to this market with a visit to the carving village of Arrazola and the 16 Th Century monastery at Cuilapan de Guerrero)

Tlacolula Market, Sunday (combine this with a visit to the ruin sites of Dainzu, Yagul, Lambityeco and Mitla)
Mitla Market, Daily, Fabric vendors dealing in cotton  (option)Teotitlan del Valle, Wool rugs

Etla Market, Wednesday Ville de Etla,  (combine this with a visit to the ruin site of San Jose el Mogote)

Ocotlan, Friday: Clay figures, woven baskets a specialty  (Combine this with a visit to the studio and home of painter Rodolfo Morelos and the black pottery village of San Bartolo Coyotepec)

Teotitlan del Valle, Wool rugs ( Include a visit to the 16 th Century church of Tlacochahuaya nearby)

Oaxaca City, Organic Market at Church of Santo Toma Xochimilco  Friday and Saturday
Oaxaca City, huge outdoor market,  Saturday, Abastos Market (optional visit to Atzompa village of potters)
To find Oaxacan shopping with local artisans go to the shop on Garcia Vigil, a street going north of the Zocalo where Oaxacan Artisans place their work in a cooperative shop.
The Artisan Village of Teotitlan del Valle south of Oaxaca City on Route 190 offers  Wool rugs in colorful natural dyes at many family shops.  You can visit one the  family's that work at looms in their homes and you can watch them card, spin, and dye the wool for their hand made works of art
Oaxaca Market Days
Other Weavers bring their rugs to Oaxaca's Street Markets on the
pedestrian only streets in the city
The best of the woven rugs come to High end artisan gallery shops in Oaxaca City
At the weaving villages after school the young members of the family will help with the carding and dying while they learn the trade and weave on child sized looms
How to Get to Teotitlan Del Valle:
From Oaxaca City take th Mitla, Tlacolula or Teotitlan del Valle second class bus at the second class bus station Central near the Abastos Market, .six blocks south and four west of the zocalo
Get off at the crossroads to the town of Teotitlan del Valle unless you are on the Teotitlan del Valle bus which will go into the village center  The collectivo crossroads cab will make runs from the highway to the village. Take a crossroads collectivo to the center of the town  
Taxi from anywhere in the city $12.00 US
Collectivo from the station for collectivos near the Abastos Market south of the zocalo. These collective taxis make trips to all the villages south and west of the city. The back seat is the best to avoid being crowded. 15-20 Pesos
Group Tours out of Oaxaca city make runs to the weaving village of Teotitlan del Valle an  often combine a trip to the 16 th Century church of Tlacochahuaya
Private car out of Oaxaca City, head southeast on route 190 towards Mitla a cotton weaving area.  When you reach the ruin of Dainzu watch for the turnoff for Teotitlan del Valle on your left. Drive in for about four miles to the center of the wool rug weaving village near the church.
Visit the Weavers home and watch the carding and spinning of wool
Further southeast on Route 190, the intersection for the town of Tlacolula, a left will take you to the weaving village of Santa Ana del Valle.
From Tlacolula regular bus service runs to Santa Ana del Valle where a village cooperative market displays the woven rugs of the village.
Oaxaca Artisan Villages: Pottery  Santa Maria Atzompa, San Bartolo Coyotepec
Wool Rugs: Teotitlan del Valle, Santa Ana del Valle,  Cotton Mitla, Xaaga, Barrio Xochimilco Oaxaca City, Wood Carving: San Antonio Arrazola, San Martin Tilcajete, Mezcal: Matatlan
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Mitla, a cotton weaving village and ruin site can be reached by private car out of Oaxaca City or by public bus. Head southeast on route 190 towards for about 30 miles and find Mitla  and Xaaga, cotton weaving villages.  There is a large outdoor crafts market at Mitla every day
Combine this with a trip to the Mitla Ruin or a trip to the ruin of
Dainzu, or to the wool weaving village of Teotitlan del Valle
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