Oaxaca  Sightseeing, Events and Places
Oaxaca sightseeing places includes eight major Ruin Sites within 40 miles of the City of Oaxaca.  Oaxaca has several within a short drive: Monte Alban, Dainzu, Yagul, Lambyteco, Mitla, Huijazoo, and San Jose el Mogote.
The last week of October and the first week of November find the people of Oaxaca preparing their cemeteries for the Days of the Dead celebration
In the modern cosmopolitan city of Oaxaca you can find sophisticated shopping and gourmet dining
The artisan in each village surrounding the city of surrounding the city of In Arrazola the carvers Oaxaca specialize in a craft. Oaxaca craft. In Arrazola the carvers create sculpted and painted animals of wood.
Oaxaca Mexico, South Central Mexico
Oaxaca Events and Church Tours : Two hour tour of churches and other places. Get an insiders look at Oaxaca. Meet Linda at Zocalo in front of Cathedral at 10:00 AM Tuesdays and Saturdays   ridgecliff@hotmail.com
Oaxacan cuisine can have its exotic side, especially when the restaurant lists grasshopper on the menu,

This might be a novelty to the visitor
(you must try them)  but many locals grew up dining on them chopped finely and roasted with chiles.  (Tastes like Chicken)
Oaxaca Cooking
Rancho Auroa
Susanna Trilling,
Author of Seasons of My Heart
Schaa Masaje'
Cinco de Mayo (Street) #412
Centro Historico
Oaxaca Mexico
Click Image for French and Spanish Language Archaeologist- Guided Tours of Oaxaca Ruin Sites
Oaxaca Sightseeing to the many events and places can reveal much that is exotic.
Oaxaca holds festivals that include pagan ritual that is still practiced in the sophisticated colonial city of Ruin sites, museums, artisans, and unique regional cuisine.
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