Oaxaca Vacations, Events and Places In Oaxaca, Mexico
Festivals,  Easter, Semana Santa  article
Festival go on throughout the year in Oaxaca but easter is one of the most important. Parades that re-enact the Stations of the Cross take place on Good Friday.
Oaxaca Events and Places
Two hour tour of churches and other places.
Get an insiders look at Oaxaca. Meet Linda
at Zocalo in front of Cathedral at 10:00 AM
Tuesdays and Saturdays
Oaxaca appealed to D.H. Lawrence when he found temporary lodging in a colonial house located on the street called Pino Suarez. The mountain air eased his illness as he rewrote the Plumed Serpent.....
Famed for Regional Cuisine,  Ancient Artisan, Ruins and its colonial architecture,.Oaxaca offers photographers color and texture like no other city.
Located on a wide  plain at 5,000 feet elevation, the colonial city....
From Houston flights reach Oaxaca direct, others go through Mexico City.
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Parade around the main plaza, the zocalo
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Oaxaca Cooking Classes
La Casa Del Tio Guero Restaurant
Serving typical Oaxacan cuisine is offering cooking classes every week year round
Sign up at the restaurant on Garcia Vigil (street) #715
Eight blocks north of the Zocalo  
Tel. 51 69584
Oaxaca ATM s peso
at a fair rate of
exchange. You can
find a swipe type at
Banamex, one block
east of the north east
corner of the Zocalo,
corner of Hidalgo
and Lopez
Each July Oaxaca invites band and the
State to join in parades, musical events,
and demonstrations of Each July
Oaxaca invites band and village life
and custom.  This is a costumed visitors
from throughout colorful week-long event
during the last week of July.
Secretaria de Tourismo
Colonial Center,Oaxaca
Tel.  951-516-0123
How to Get There
From the Zocalo go north to the Llano Park and the theater building at 703, the office is on the right side of the building.
Schaa Masaje'
Cinco de Mayo (Street) #412
Centro Historico
Oaxaca Vacations, Events and Places are many and varied. Oaxaca Mexico is a sophisticated colonial city of colorful events, regional dance, costumed parades, religious festival, ruin sites, museums, and good lodging.
Oaxaca Semana Santa Silent Parade

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