Oaxaca offers two pedestrian-only streets and a pedestrian-only plaza around the zocalo.
 Oaxaca's Sidewalk Cafés  line the Zocalo giving it  a unique ambiance.  The pedestrian streets encourage walking, band concerts, social gatherings, and  the occasional political demonstration.
Visitors from the surrounding villages dress in embroidered finery and hand-spun wool when they  gather  in the city plaza to celebrate the ancient rituals that they have combined with the Christian celebrations introduced by the Spanish.

Oaxaca Mexico, Artisans, Ruin Sites, Shopping, Museums  
Nineteen preserved Churches and Cathedrals in the city
Oaxaca Cathedral
Camino Real Hotel, located in a former convent is an elegant spot for lodging, dining, and entertainment
The markets of the city draw villagers and tourists for shopping . Chocolate fresh ground while you wait is a specialty.
Each village in the valley specializes in a craft and trade; home-made goods come to the Oaxaca City markets
Noted for regional cuisine, artisans, ancient ruins and its colonial architecture, Oaxaca offers photographers color and texture like no other city.
Located on a broad alluvial plain at 5,000 feet elevation, the colonial city, built in 1521, retains much of its ethnic diversity with 11 or more indigenous languages still spoken.  Festivals like the Day of the Dead and the Night of the Radishes are unique and colorful events.
Direct flights from Houston reach Oaxaca's modern jet port which also has service by Mexican airline from Mexico City.
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Sightseeing in Oaxaca
Sightseeing in Oaxaca
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ClassesOaxaca Cooking
La Casa Del Tio Guero
Serving typical Oaxacan
cuisine with a vegetarian
and meat menu is offering
cooking classes every week
year round
Sign up at the restaurant on
Garcia Vigil (street) #715
Eight blocks north of the Zocalo  
Tel. 51 69584
$40 USD includes everything
and lunch
Oaxaca Mexico's Artisans, Ruin Sites, Shopping, and Museums are located in a broad alluvial plain at 5,000 feet elevation.  The colonial city of Oaxaca retains much of its ethnic diversity with 11 0r more indigenous languages still spoken in the mountains.  
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