Culturally rich, Oaxaca has many ruin sites including two of the oldest stone cities in the new world, Monte Alban and San Jose el Mogote. both have Museums of Archaeology
San Jose el Mogote is located about eight miles from the City of Oaxaca. The small museum houses an outstanding group of artifacts and although it may appear to be closed you can find the caretaker in town who will open it for your visit (10:00 to 2:00 - 4.00 to 6:00)

Although this site may be the oldest stone city in Mesoamerica and might be the place where the first written language of the Americas was developed, it is relatively unknown and rarely visited.
The Tenth Century AD City of Mitla contains tombs open to visitors.
The village of Teotitlan del Valle once held an ancient temple. Artifacts from the excavations are on display in a small community  museum in the village center.
Design on walls at Mitla, a later style that developed after the classic style of Monte Alban waned
Archaeology continues in culturally-rich Oaxaca
Oaxaca Museums of Archaeology San Jose el Mogote, Monte Alban, Atzompa, Santo Domingo
Whhile visiting the city of Oaxaca a trip to the unusual site of Mitla 30 miles to the south,  or a trip to San Jose el Mogote should be high on the list for those wanting  to study the ancient art that developed in the valley of Oaxaca. The san Jose el Mogote museum artifacts show Olmec influence, some being exactly like those found in the Olmec settlements on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and displayed in the Veracruz  Xalapa museum or at the La Venta Museum in Villa Hermosa.

This artistic style was continued after San Jose el Mogote waned around 500 BC and continued by the people who built the city on the mountaintop now call Monte Alban.
The art continued to evolve culminating in simple utilitarian ceramics, here being restored, and intricate mold-made tomb offerings of the 5 Th  to the 7 Th Century AD Classic period.
Tomb seven artifacts include the Mixtec tomb offerings found at Monte Alban by archaeologist Alfonso Caso
Oaxaca Museums of Archaeology:
Oaxaca Museums of Archaeology are located at San Jose el Mogote, Monte Alban, atzompa, and at The Santo Domingo Cultural Center.
Oaxaca Museums of Archaeology display artifacts of pre-Hispanic ancient art and artifact and implements of the colonial period.
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