Oaxaca Museums, Oacaxa Art and Archaeology
Alcala, Pedestrian only street
Santo Domingo Church and Oaxaca Cultural Museum
Santo Domingo Church and Oaxaca Cultural Museum
Oaxaca's Santo Domingo Church and Cultural Museum
Interior of the Santo Domingo Church
The most spectacular tomb art ever found in the Americas came from the ruin site of Monte Alban, just outside Oaxaca City. The discovery in 1932 by Mexican archaeologist Alfonso Caso numbers 500 pieces, 150 of them in gold, some done in the lost wax process. The objects are displayed at the Santo Domingo Cultural Museum in the colonial center of the city.
The indigenous people, of which there are many still speaking ancient languages, come to the city of Oaxaca for festivals dressed in hand-spun cotton and wool.  They gather  in the city plaza to celebrate the ancient rituals  that they have combined with Christian celebrations.
The Santo Domingo Cultural Center and Oaxaca Regional Museum celebrates the many cultures of Oaxaca from its location on the Alcala, the pedestrian only street that runs north south through the center of the colonial district.
Oaxaca Museums of Art and Archaeology hold work by the Masters in Mexican Art Both Ancient and Modern
Several of the spectacular ruin sites in the Oaxacan Valley have small museums while the city has a grand display at the Santo Domingo Cultural Center.  Another collection of Pre-hispanic art is at the Rufino Tamayo Museum which displays the private collection of artist Rufino Tamayo, a treasure of ancient art from all over Mexico including Oaxaca.
Ceramic urn from the classic era of Oaxaca's Monte Alban at the Tamayo Museum of Pre-hispanic Art.
Oaxaca Museums of Archaeology:
Monte Alban Ruin, Mitla, San Jose el Mogote, Teotitlan del Valle, Santa Anna del Valle
Oaxaca Museums of Oacaxa Art and Archaeology are located at two of the ruin sites in the Oaxacan Valley.
In the City of Oaxaca, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center and the Rufino Tamayo Museum display Pre-hispanic art.
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