Olmec Sculpture, Jalapa Museum
Olmec Museum, Olmec Heads, Jalapa Veracruz, Olmec Sculpture  
Jalapa Museum was established partly to house the Olmec artifacts removed for safety from  the Olmec site of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan where land development threatened the stone sculptures.
Reach the Jalapa Museum   by frequent ADO service  from Mexico City's  Terminal Norte and Terminal Tapo
Oaxaca's ADO
runs service regularly usually through Veracruz or directly over the high speed toll roads.
The early excavations by Archaeologist Mathew Stirling in 1941 revealed  the Olmec settlements of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan on the Coatzacoalcos River drainage system  and at La Venta  in Tabasco State near the Gulf coast.

These sites along with Tres Zapotes  have yielded 17 heads numbered in the order of their discovery.
The first Olmec Head was found at the olmec settlement of  Tres Zapotes.    During a 1939 excavation archaeologist Mathew Sterling  also discovered a stela bearing a long count date of 32 BC.
San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan is a village in the basin of the Coatzacoalcos River where the Olmecs built their first settlements.
One of three villages with Olmec sites, San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan was home to the Olmecs from 1600 BC to 400 BC. There they built a complex of artificial plateaus above the river. During Archaeological projects in the 1940s, ten large Olmec heads were discovered.
Reaching Veracruz Jalapa Museum Olmec Heads  Museum of Anthropology of Jalapa
ADO first Class Bus out of Mexico City Tapo or Terminal Norte for Veracruz.  Directly to Jalapa (Xalapa) or to Veracruz City (Santa Cruz) and then to Jalapa  
ADO from Oaxaca City to Veracruz.  Taxi or public bus to Jalapa Museum of Anthropology Avenida Xalapa

Hours:  Open Tuesday -Sunday   9-5  
Closed Monday and holidays
The Jalapa Museum of Anthropology in the capital of Veracruz State, Mexico displays the Olmec Heads brought to the museum from the Olmec ruin site of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan in Veracruz State.  
The Olmec Museum at Jalapa, the capital of Veracruz State, displays the Olmec Heads at the Museum of Anthropology.     The Jalapa Museum was built to protect the Olmec heads from land development at the ruin site of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan where ten of the heads were unearthed..

At another Olmec site, La Venta,  four heads were found and removed when oil development threatened the sculptures.   These heads were moved to the
La Venta Museum in Villahermosa, Tabasco State. Mexico.
At San Lorenzo, excavators found ten Colossal heads sculpted from 20- ton blocks of basalt that had been hauled 60 miles from the Tuxtla mountains to the settlement at what is now San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan.   The site at the time was an Island in the Coatzacoalcos River and researchers believe that the stones were moved by barge.
Head # 1 of the 17 so far found is at the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa, (Jalapa) the capital of Veracruz State.
The Museum of Anthropology in Jalapa Veracruz displays the Olmec Sculptures and other Gulf Coast artifacts that were was brought from San Lorenzo, La Venta, and other Olmec sites to the museum for safety.
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