Palenque Area Ruin Sites Map, Bonampak, Yaxchilan, Tonina, Chiapas, Mexico

Views of Palenque's temples from the Temple of the Cross

Palenque Area Archaeological Ruin Sites

Reach Archaeological Sites From Palenque

Palenque (ZA) on this map  can be reached by collective taxi from the nearby City of Palenque.  Collective vans make runs every fifteen minutes and pick up passengers along the way.  
The sculpture called the
Cabeza Maya is a handy place to wait for a collective cab to the Palenque ruin and Museum.  20 Pesos. 
The museum is at the lower entrance to the site.  You can buy your entrance ticket at the museum and walk the tropical forest trail to the archaeological ruin site.
Palenque's Temple of the sun
Tonina can be reached from Ocosingo's ADO bus stop.  Walk to the market for the collective taxi
Yaxchilan Ruin Site reached by van service/collective taxi from Palenque and then by boat from Frontera Corozal
Tomb of Emperor Pacal, ruler of Palenque from 615 AD to 683 AD
Palenque Area Ruins Map includes Tonina, Bonampak, and Yaxchilan Ruin. Collective cabs run to the falls at Agua Azule to the Bonampak Ruin Site, and to Frontera Corozal for boat trips on the Usumacinta River to the Ruin of Yaxchilan.

Reach Palenque Area Archaeological Ruins

Find tour agencies in the town of Palenque for trips to the various archaeological ruin sites or self guide by using the van service just to the south of the Cabeza Maya.  (Parking lot on the ruins road) The vans use the road beside the Usumacinta River to head towards Frontera Corozal  (90 miles)  and the boat crossing area for trips to Guatemala.  Boats also run to Yaxchilan from this area..
The small City of Palenque (85,000) occupies a hillside 8 miles from the  site of the Palenque archaeological site.  Walk east from the
ADO bus station and find tour agencies on the main street for tours to the various sites and also for the cascades of Agua Azule.

Tikal Guatemala Maya Ruin Site can be reached fro Palenque

Palenque Area Ruin Sites Travel Information, Transportation Details
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Archaeological Ruins
Bonampak  Archaeological Ruin Site 
From the parking lot just west of the Cabeza Maya, collective vans run to the crossroads for the Bonampak Ruin Site. Vans run every hour from 5 am and cost between 70 and 100 Pesos.  They drop passengers at the crossroads for Bonampak where collectivos or private cabs continue the 14 miles to the Bonampak ruin site.
The collective vans out of Palenque continue beyond the Bonampak crossroads to the Frontera (Frontier), Frontera Corozal,  for boat trips on the Usumacinta River and the Ruin of Yaxchilan.   Collective van 70-100 Pesos
Have 15 Pesos additional for entrance into the park preserve.
Tikal Ruin Site, Guatemala
From Frontera Corozal,  boats take passengers up river to the Guatemala town of Bethel where limited bus and collectivo service runs to Santa Elana and Flores for trips to the Tikal Ruin Site.  Book transportation ahead with San Juan Tours agents at a Palenque tourist agency to find the times and book a seat.  Otherwise use the local bus out of Bethel or collective van out of Bethel.
Tonina Ruin Site
Reach Tonina by ADO bus to Ocosingo and then taxi or collectivo.  
Tours out of Palenque also serve to nearby
cascades of Agua Azule and for the Ruin Site of Tonina and for San Cristobal de las Casas.
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