Palenque Lodging, Canada Hotels, Mayan Archaeological Ruin Site Hotels, Inns, Posada, Near The Cabeza Maya

Palenque Archaeological site visitors climb the Temple Of The Cross
Palenque Ruin Site view of the complex called the Palace and the main plaza where the  Temple of the Inscriptions houses the tomb of the ruler Pacal, leader from 615 to 683 AD.

To Reach Palenque And La Canada Lodging

ADO Bus runs very modern, first class bus service  that connects through Villahermosa, Oaxaca, San Cristobal de las Casas, Merida, Campeche, Cancun and many other cities to the Palenque ADO Bus Terminal. 
The airport at Villahermosa serves international flights and provides an ADO shuttle van service to Palenque's ADO Terminal, a walk to the Canada or short taxi ride. 
A small modern airport on the outskirts of the town of Palenque has taxi and bus service into the city of Palenque.

Transportation to Palenque Ruin Site and Museum, catch the white VW collective taxis that make runs to the ruin about every 15 minutes and cost 20 Pesos They round the rotary at the Cabeza Maya, the large, sculptured head at the entrance to the town.
Once the van reaches the ruin, it parks for ten or fifteen minutes and waits for returning passengers.

Palenque Lodging for visits to the Mayan Ruin sites can be luxury hotels to rustic inns.  In the Cañada and on the access road to Palenque find Hotels, Inns, Posada Lodging, and campgrounds.  

Lodging In La Canada (The Canyada)

This page lists Palenque Lodging in the area called the Canada or La ,Cañada (Canyada) where Hotels, Inns, and Posada offer Lodging within a short drive or a two-block walk to public transportation to the ruin Site at the Cabeza Maya and to the ADO Bus Station.  

View of the Temple of the Sun
Temple of the Cross
Palenque's Temple of the Inscriptions is built at the top of a pyramidal structure that houses, at ground level, the of the tomb of the ruler Pacal who died in 683 AD

Hotel La Cañada  
at the entrance to La Cañada, 450 pesos

Hostel Yaxkin, 300 Pesos private room, bar restaurant,  

Lodging in the Cañada of Palenque: El Chechen Hotel,  WiFi, hot water, air conditioning, TV
 350 pesos   multi-night 300 Pesos. 
   Higher rates Christmas and Easter

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Hotel Maya Tulipanes
Canada hotel , shop room rates, photos, reviews, Map

La Canada Hotels

Palenque Lodging, In Town And the Ruin Site Road

The area called the Cañada is not the only location for lodging; there exists quite a variety of lodging options in the town of Palenque.  Once in Palenque, a modern settlement of  85,000, you can find all sorts of accommodations at all price ranges.   Campgrounds, hotels, and posadas are plentiful on the road that leads to the archaeological site, between the ADO Station and the Palenque site entrance. 
In the  town of Palenque find inns, posadas, and hotels.  Most lodging options are a 20-30 peso cab ride from the ADO terminal and the Cabeza Maya, the rotary with the large sculptured head.

Maya Bell Campground is a well-know campground on the ruins road   Camping in a lush setting very close to the ruins.   Maya Bell RV and Camping  Park    Phone: 011-52- 916-345-0798   Restaurant, cabins, tent sites.

Hotel xibalba
La Canada, 45 USD
click link to shop
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