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Palenque archaeological site museum interpertation of the sculpture shown at the top of the page.  Pacal was an important leader from 615 to 683 AD who was buried in a tomb at ground level below the Temple Of The Inscriptions, shown right.
Museum Models Palenque
Palenque Museum, Hours and Transportation To The Museum

To reach Palenque Ruin Site and Museum, catch the white, collective taxi vans that make runs to the ruin about every 15 minutes and cost 20 pesos. (6 am-6 pm)
 The vans round the rotary at the Cabeza Maya, a large sculptured head at the entrance to the town.
Watch for the museum on your right as it is located at the lower entrance to the Archaeological site itself. 
You can buy an entrance ticket (museum and archaeological site) and after touring the museum, walk accross the street to the lower entrance to the park and the trail to the ancient buildings.  The walk through the tropical forest, uphill along a stream, is a nice way to enter the ruin site area. 
For your return the collective taxis will be parked in the upper parking lot at the park entrance and waiting to fill for the return trip.
You can hail a colectivo at the lower entrance if you walk down the forest trail to the museum after a site visit.

Palenque sculpture has yielded much info about customes and dress of rulers such as Pacal
Palenque Museum
Palenque Archaeolocical site museum can be reached via collective van taxis that leave the town of Palenque every 15 minutes and round the Cabeza Maya rotary headed for the Palenque archaeological ruin site. Watch for the museum on the right well before the ruin site parking lot
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Palenque Museum,
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Reach Palenque

ADO Bus runs bus routes from many cities in southern and Central Mexico to Palenque including Villahermosa, Through Oaxaca City, through  San Cristobal de las Casas, and from Chetumal, Campeche, Merida, and Cancun.
 The City of Villahermosa offers the nearest international air terminal. ADO runs van shuttle service to Villahermosa Airport. (ASUR)     Palenque also has a small airport
Palenque, a town of  37,000, offers all sorts of accommodations at all price ranges along with a variety of
transportation to many other ruin sites.

A supernatural being and the Ruler
Artifacts taken from excavations at the archaeological site of Palenque
Palenque artifacts from excavations are displayed at the Palenque museum.
Burial urns and grave offerings have been preserved in the tombs
Objects buried with the dead are found in the royal tombs
Museum Hours
pen six days (closed Monday)
10 am to 5:00 pm Archaeological Site

Open seven days 8:am to 5pm
last entrance 4:30 pm
The Maya of Palenque used a written language
Ritual stone carvings used in the ballcourt
Mask of the Red Queen was found in the Queens Tomb
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