Paris Day Trip, Monet's Gardens and House Tours,  Giverny France

Paris Day Trips, Giverny, Monet Gardens and House Tours, Monet's Gardens  (Jardin de Monet at Giverny, France) Fifty Miles West of Paris
Giverny House and gardens of Monet entrance fee is 8 Euros, children under 7 free.  No senior discount offered.
self-guided trip and includes walking tours through the gardens and the home of French impressionist painter Claude Monet who passed away at Giverny in 1926.
Monet's water garden will evoke images of his impressionistic lilly pad studies

Monet's House and Gardens

Monet Gardens and House Guided Tours are available as a one hour and fifteen minute tour narrated in  several languages.
Ninety Euros for 1-3 people, 25 Euros each for 4-9 people.

Monet was born in Paris in 1840 and died at Giverny in 1926.  Giverny had a an art colony of American painters at the turn of the 20th century.

Paris Day Trip, Reach Giverny from Paris by Train

Via the train out of Saint Lazare station (Gare Saint Lazare, the Rouen/Le Harve route) to Vernon.  (45 minutes)  
From Vernon take the public shuttle bus or taxi the last five kms to Giverny.  (about a one hour walk, 3 miles)

Paris Metro
Via the Metro from Paris take
the SNCF Grandes Lignes to Vernon on the Rouen line.

Giverny Monet Gardens and House Tours include the water gardens and are easy self-guided walking tours.
From Paris the Monet house and gardens are 80 km to the west and reached via road or train to Vernon and then bus or taxi to Giverny.

Bus and van tours make the day trip from Paris for 70-90 Euros.
Take a Paris Day Trip to Monet's Gardens and house in Giverny France for a walking tour of French impressionist painter Claude Monet's house and grounds.
Trains and buses travel the fifty miles to Giverny from Paris in less than two hours.
From Paris a day trip to the Monet house and gardens will cover 80 km one way to the west of Paris.  
From Paris
self guided reach the Monet Gardens via train from Gare (station) Saint  Lazare to Vernon and then shuttle bus 3 miles to Giverny.
From Paris,
Bus and Van tours make the day trip from Paris for between 70 and 90 Euros.
Paris Day Trip, Monets Garden Giverny
Paris Day Trips offer museums, palaces and gardens outside the city of Paris in the outlying regions reached  by RER train. More distant cities are connected by TGV Trains.
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Paris Day Trip
Monet House and Gardens
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March, April, May, and June are good times to go to Paris for walking the city, museum visits, biking outlying regions, and the culinary vacation.  The weather in Paris is temperate from March to May  (50-75 F) and the city will not be too crowded.  
  • Summer
July and August are high season and the time when many Paris shops close for vacation.  Accommodations could be scarce in June July August.  some restaurants and shops close the month of August.  
  • Fall
Weather is good in September October, great months to visit Paris.  
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  Snow is rare
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Paris Day Trip, Monet's Garden
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