• Gare d’Austerlitz  
Non TGV trains serve the Loire Valley, Limoges, Toulouse, the southwestern parts of France and into Spain, Barcelona, Madrid.  Night sleepers to Barcelona.

  • Gare de Bercy:
This station is designed to transport passenger and their vehicles. Non TGV trains serve Burgundy,  Night, sleeper-trains leave this station for Italy, serving Florence, Rome, Parma, Venice and Milan,  

  • Gare St. Lazare,
France's oldest and full of history.  Non TGV Trains serve northwest of Paris to Brittany and Normandy

Fast Trains, Gare de Lyon

Paris to Marseilles in three hours and twenty minutes.  Stops in Dijon, (1hour 40) Avignon, (2hours 30)  Aix-en-Provence.

Trains continue to Cannes and to nice 7 hours,  TGV Trains from Gare de Lyon reach Languedoc Roussillon/Montpellier.
TGV trains reach the French Alps, Berne, Lausanne, Geneva, and as far southeast as Milan and Turin in Italy.

  • Gare  Montparnasse  
TGV trains reach Tours,  Le Mans, Bordeaux,  Nantes, St. Malo and the southwestern parts of France  

Paris: Fast Trains, Slow Trains, Transportation By Train In France

Paris TGV Trains: Paris to Marseilles in about three hours from Gare de Lyon
Transportation in France Includes Fast Trains Called TGV
These high speed trains can travel at 180 Miles Per Hour.

Reservations recommended.  Pre-booking Required on some runs; the trains fill fast
Gare de Lyon Train Station, Paris,  High Speed Trains to Provence

  • TGV Trains
If you are traveling by TGV Train, you will have options for first class  service or second class.  Second class is a good value.  You will find luggage space in two places in coach and you will find lavatories.
Reservations are required for all travelers and best made well in advance; these trains fill and the less expensive seats in coach sell out..

  • RER Trains
The stations listed above are also served in some cases, by the Metro as well as by RER trains,  conventional trains that serve suburban towns and cities.
TGV fast trains
Several of these stations are very old in a very old city.  There is no central station in Paris.  The traveler passing through Paris headed elsewhere will often need to leave one station and go to another to continue a trip.  
This can be done in some cases by walking and in others by cab or Metro.  The
new TGV station at CDG appears to be taking on the role of a central station as it serves Europe in many directions,
Paris Trains, Station Announcement
The TGV trains travel at speeds approaching 180 miles per hour,  They reach Avignon in Provence in two and a half hours from Gare de Lyon in Paris  (station).  Paris to London  3 hours 20 minutes
Five stations in Paris are served by TGV trains, each connecting to different parts of France and many  parts of Europe.
Train Transportation in Paris includes TGV Trains and the slower conventional trains.
Trains leave from eight train stations in Paris and connect to Western Europe.
Five train stations offer TGV Trains

See Paris Train Station List and Destinations below
Transportation by Train, Paris
Paris train Transportation, Gare de Lyon
Marseille in Provence is around three hours away by TGV Train from Gare de Lyon.
The Metro and the RER trains open Paris sightseeing, shopping and museums in the center of Paris along the Seine.  RER serves well into the suburbs.  The tourist buses and boats make sightseeing loops through the city with stops at important sites, gardens and museums.  The RER trains and Metro reach all of Paris and beyond to the suburbs.   
  • Gare du Nord
TGV train to Gare de Calle and to London via the Eurostar fast trains.( 3 hours 20 minutes)  Fast Trains called Thalys (joint Belgium, France) leave for Antwerp, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Cologne.  

French TGV trains serve Northern France, Gare Calle. Lille.
The station is also served by RER trains from the airport Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and to Gare de Lyon

  • Gare de L'Este  
Opened in 1849 and still home to the Orient Express (conventional train)  from Paris to Istanbul, this stations serves Europe to the east of Paris  and south as far as Rome.   

TGV trains serve to the east of Paris. High speed trains reach  Alsace, Luxembourg Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, and Munich, Germany.  (ICE Trains, the German High speed trains serve on the French TGV railbed.)
TGV Trains go southeast to Basel and Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport
The newest TGV station at terminal 2 serves many destinations including Marseilles, Dijon,  Lyon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lillie, Strasbourg, Le Harve, Grenoble, Le mans, Nantes, Nimes, Toulouse,  Valence, and Tours

TGV serves Marne La Vallee–Chessy the station for EuroDisney (10 minutes)
Several stations are served by conventional Trains that are much slower and make more frequent stops.  

These trains,  fast and slow, leave from eight train stations in Paris and connect to much of Western Europe
Paris train Transportation, Trains travel to the south of  Paris from Gare de Lyon
Paris Trains
  • Spring
March, April, May, and June are good times to go to Paris for walking the city, museum visits, biking outlying regions, and the culinary vacation.  The weather in Paris is temperate from March to May  (50-75 F) and the city will not be too crowded.  (carry an umbrella for the brief showers)
  • Summer
July and August are high season and the time when many Paris shops close for vacation.  Accommodations could be scarce in June July August.  some restaurants and shops close the month of August.  
  • Fall
Weather is good in September October, great months to visit Paris.  
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  Snow is rare
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license..  See Article
TGV Fast trains with speeds to 180 mph
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Best Times To Visit Paris

TGV Trains and their Five Paris Stations

Shopping For Train Tickets
Buy tickets ahead of your trip in the station or shop online for TGV train tickets. The best savings result when tickets are purchased three months in advance.  Use these websites to find the best tickets.        http://www.sncf.com/en/passengers    
 en.voyages-sncf.com/en/       www.tgv-europe.com    

Overhead announcement in station lists track number, train, time, and destination
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