Paris Metro, Getting Around In Paris by Train
Paris TGV Trains: Paris to Avignon in less than three hours from Gare Lyon
The Paris Metro System Includes connections to the RER train service (conventional trains) with service to the airport
For the first time visitor, the best travel value and orientation tool would be the Batobus tour on the Seine River. See Article

Paris taxis are plentiful and work with a set price. See Page

Paris Train service (not TGV) the RER serves along side the metro and connects to it at strategic locations.  The RER trains serve to more distant suburbs and outlying towns while also being useful in the center of Paris.  The Metro ticket is accepted in the RER stations. See Page

CDG Airport is an international hub connecting much of the world. Shuttle, bus, RER train and taxi service is available to Paris.  CDG offers a TGV train station.  See Article

TGV Trains run from Paris, the hub city for high speed trains, to much of France and Western Europe.  See Article  

Rental cars are available at Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport,         See Article  
While being the oldest in the world, the Paris Metropolitain is also one of the most extensive systems of any modern city.  That is not to say, however, that every station is modern.

Many stations do
not have escalators or elevators, a fact to consider if you are arriving from the airport or a train station burdened with luggage.
  • Paris Metro Lines
The metro trains run on 14 different color coded lines and begin operation at 5:30 in the morning and run until 12:30 in the evening.   The ticket cost is 1.70 Euro
There are over
300 Metro Stations throughout the city, many that connect the several different lines at various levels.  
  • Paris Metro Connections
The station below the Arc de Triumph, for example, connects to three different Metro lines and the RER train line.  These train lines converge much like the streets above, from all directions.  The stations are connected by people movers and long, subterranean corridors.  
  • Metro Tickets
Ticket booths are located in the stations along with information booths and  automated machines that accept credit cards and coins (Euros).  The machines offer English Language among other languages in the scrollable menu.  A one way ticket cost 1.70 Euros

You can buy
individual fares, Day passes, blocks of ten, and weekly passes(photo required).  Maps are available and a must in order to navigate the maze of tunnels and the 14 metro lines and five RER train lines that run beneath the streets of Paris.

keep your ticket, you may be asked to show it while riding the metro or the bus system and train system (RER). (Unlikely)
The tickets are valid for all three systems, Metro, Bus, and RER Train.  
  • Paris Metro Maps
If you have ridden the New York City subway, the Boston T, or the Chicago CTA you will feel at home in the Paris Metropolitain: color coded like NYC, linear maps and color coded lines like Boston, automated ticket system like NYC.
Use the map and find the color coded and numbered lines.
  • Metro Destinations
The Metro line will bear the name of the last stop, Port de Cligna Court, Red #4, north of Paris, and Porte d'Orleans, Red #4,  in the south of Paris, for example.

Navigate by station names and use the final station name to keep the correct direction, north or south, east or west.
It can be helpful to write your destination in a notebook page and show it when asking for info since your pronunciation of the station name could be difficult to understand. The people of Paris and of France are exceedingly helpful, however, and will usually understand since they often have studied and speak several languages.  
Paris Metro, Getting Around In Paris can include the metro system.
The integrated system includes the bus and RER train system and the oldest Metro systems in the world and one of the most extensive.
TGV trains are high-speed Paris trains such as these in Gare de Lyon
    Metro for A Paris Vacation
The Metro offers museums in the city of Paris and the nearby regions reached easily by Metro and its connections to RER trains.
Paris offers numerous Metro stations to enable sightseeing, shopping and museum visits in the center of Paris and the regions that ring the city.  Combine the Metro with Tourist buses, boats, and the RER Train  to visit the important sites of Paris.   
The Paris Metro serves the TGV train stations where you find high-speed Paris trains to distant places in Paris and Europe
Paris Metro
Paris Metro
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Paris Metro
  • Spring
March, April, May, and June are good times to go to Paris for walking the city, museum visits, biking outlying regions, and the culinary vacation.  The weather in Paris is temperate from March to May  (50-75 F) and the city will not be too crowded.  
  • Summer
July and August are high season and the time when many Paris shops close for vacation.  Accommodations could be scarce in June July August.  some restaurants and shops close the month of August.  
  • Fall
Weather is good in September October, great months to visit Paris.  
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  Snow is rare
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license..  See Article
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Paris Weather, Best Time To Visit Paris

Train Schedules and Fares

Use thes websites to shop for TGV train tickets.The best savings result when TGV Train tidkets are purchased three months in advance. 

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