Paris TGV Train Transportation

Paris TGV, High-Speed Trains

Paris to Avignon in less than three hours from Gare Lyon

Paris Train Station Gare de Lyon
Once you reach the City
of Paris transportation
includes RER Trains,
River sightseeing
cruises, and tour buses.  
  • Tour Buses
The buses offer a one
or two day pass good
for many stops along
the River Seine.
 Jump on and off at
places of interest.  
The buses are two
decker, yellow or red.
  • Tour Boats
Tour boats of all kinds
offer easy jump on and
off stops at places of
interest on the
Seine River.  
 The boats give you
access to many Paris
museums and sites
  • TGV Train
TGV Trains offer high speed service to distant cities from Paris.  First Class service is a better bet if you have excess luggage. Air conditioning exists in first class, not in coach.  Book these train well ahead if possible to sve money on the fare. Reservations recommended as these trains often run full.
Conventional Trains
Slower conventional trains also connect the distant cities.  Rate can be less.  Paris is well served by trains, both fast and conventional.
See the list of stations.

.Shop For TGV Train Tickets

Use thes websdites to shop for TGV train tickets.The best savings result when tidkets are purchased three months in advance.

Paris TGV Train Transportation

Paris TGV trains serve from five of the eight train stations that serve travelers in Paris.  The five Paris train stations serve fast train service within France and to neighboring countries.
Reach Paris EuroDisney from CDG: by TGV Train from Terminal Two.
The RER Trains serve Paris and reach CDG Airport Terminal Two
Paris TGV Transportation offers high-speed trains that travel at speeds up to 180 miles per hour.  TGV trains have put many of the cities of France within a days trip and rival the airliner for comfort, speed, and convenience.
Paris TGV Trains
Paris France offers TGV, high-speed train transportation to all parts of Europe
Good signs direct passengers to the train station.  A lighted board such as this one in Gare Lyon announces the arrivals and departures
Paris TGV Trains
  • Spring
March, April, May, and June are good times to go to Paris for walking the city, museum visits, biking outlying regions, and the culinary vacation.  The weather in Paris is temperate from March to May  (50-75 F) and the city will not be too crowded.  
  • Summer
July and August are high season and the time when many Paris shops close for vacation.  Accommodations could be scarce in June July August.  some restaurants and shops close the month of August.  
  • Fall
Weather is good in September October, great months to visit Paris.  
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  Snow is rare
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license..  See Article
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Best Times To Visit Paris
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