Four Paris Walks

Walks in Paris will be simple if you stay at the boutique hotel Degres de Notre Dame right in the heart of the action, within sight of Notre Dame Cathedral on one side and an easy walk to the Pantheon and the Latin Quarter on the other side. The hotel might be tiny by most standards, but  the Hotel Degres de Notre Dame offers a continental breakfast and an English speaking staff that is exceedingly helpful.  They will help you with good local information, maps of the city and she will ease your stay in the walkable city of Paris.

Walking Paris
Walk one block north of the hotel and you are at the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the island within the seine. This landmark can help to distinguish all other features on the maps and it can act as your guide to all of Paris; the 200-foot high towers of the Gothic cathedral built in 1163 are visible from several blocks around.
From the hotel you can walk through the grounds of the Cathedral to Saint Chapelle, a church built in 1240 to house holy relics, including the crown of thorns, and now famed for its stained glass windows. From there go along the seine to the Louvre.
An alternative is to walk to the boat dock on the seine and take the Batobus tour boats where 14 Euros gives you two days of on and off stops at eight locations of significance on the Seine. This could be one of the best bargains in Paris and will give you a great overview of the city.   

Twilight Walks in Paris

In June,  darkness falls at about 10:00 PM in Paris, lengthening your day of sightseeing.

An afternoon Paris walk will give you four to eight hours of daylight, enough to catch a lengthy hike and include a sunset from one of the 30 or more bridges that cross the Seine in the center of the city.

The first walk could start at the
Notre Dame Cathedral and take you to the Musee du Louvre, walking through the gardens to the Place de la Concorde and its Egyptian obelisk. Continue along the Avenue des Champs-Elysees and through a gauntlet of sidewalk restaurants and upscale shops including a gigantic Sephorus.
The avenue ends at a rotary around the
Arc de Triomphe. From there a walk down Avenue Kleber to the Trocadero will give you a great view of the Eiffel Tower. From the Eiffel Tower a walk through the Champ de Mars Park and then to Avenue de Tourville will take you to the Mussee D' Larmee, Napoleon's tomb and to the Musee d Orsay. From there a walk along the Seine will take you back to the Cathedral de Notre Dame.
With a 14 Euro, two-day  
Batoboat ticket you could combine walking and the boat's handy docks on the river to make the same trip with less walking.
Another walk from the Hotel Degres de Notre Dame will take you through the
Latin Quarter. This one may best be done at twilight when the clubs and restaurants start to hum with music and the excitement of pick-up bands of clarinet, guitar, and violin that try to capture a Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grapelli mood.
Sorbonne and Pantheon mark this area of clubs, restaurants, and lively nightlife.
Another small hotel in the Latin Quarter, the Observatoire Luxembourg, just across from the
Garden of Luxembourg on the Boulevard Saint-Michel, gives good access to the heart of Paris and although small, will offer friendly service and convenience to the Metro at the Luxembourg station or to walks along the Seine.

Another Paris Walk in the Montmartre to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) starts after a bus or subway ride to the vicinity of Gare du Norde, Gare St Lazare, or the Blanche Metro Station near Boulevard de Clichy, easily identified landmarks on the maps.

Sacre Coeur is the highest point in Paris and from the steps of the basilica you can get a great view of the city.

Walk to the
Moulin Rouge on Boulevard de Clichy and visit the cabaret that has for over a hundred years held performances.         
Toulouse-Lautrec left a record of the turn of the century Moulin Rouge performers with his paintings, a style that remains with glitter and the feathers of the Cancan revue.
Many other guided tours by bike, walking , or Segway are available.

Paris: Made for Walking  

    Paris may be the ultimate walkable city. So much history and great architecture located in a small area along the River Seine makes Paris ideal for those that like to walk. If you combine the boats that cruise the Seine with the buses that make loops through the heart of the city and if you use the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower as central landmarks, you can easily navigate the city and visit many of the historic sites in four or five walking trips.

Dining is a great experienced in Paris, not only for the French cuisine of several regions but for the many Italian, Moroccan, Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese and other ethnic offerings.
Paris  Dining
Another Paris walk takes in the area between the Boulevards St Michel, Raspail, and St Germain where uncountable restaurants offer every kind of dining experience imaginable.       
For Provence favorites try Le Chat Que Peche on the pedestrian-only street near the Gothic St. Severin Church. Their limited menu includes mussel in cream sauce, their wines, Cotes Du Rhone.
Best Bargain: Boat Tours on the Seine River

Combine the walking tours with a two-day ticket on the Batobus boat cruise on the Seine.  

The boat cruise allows you get on and off at eight stops on the Seine that are a short walk to museums and sites of historic importance.
Notre Dame Cathedral on the Island within the Seine makes a handy landmark with a fabulous interior. Grounds close at dusk.
dinner cruise and sightseeing trips on the Seine.
Paris Museums, Louvre

Paris Walks, Walking Tours of Paris, France

Dozens of restaurants compete for business with colorful displays on the pedestrian-only streets near the Gothic church of St.Severin.
Paris is a walkers city even in the rain. Hotel lobbies, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Churches, and dozens of museums let us duck in out of the Paris mist.

Walking Tours of Paris

The two day pass on the boat is a great bargain.  When you combine Paris walking with a boat ride you can see much  of the historic city.

Shopping on the Seine
Many other guided tours
by bike, walking available,
check links below.

Paris walking tours take you through the historic city where you can combine the boats that cruise the Seine with the buses that make loops through the heart of the city.
Institute de France
A Paris Vacation offers museums in the city of Paris, boat tours on the Seine, Bus tours, and trains that serve the outlying regions.

Paris offers sightseeing, shopping and museums in the center along the Seine.  The tourist buses and boats make sightseeing loops through the city with stops at important sites, gardens and museums.   
Walking Tours of Paris
Paris Walking Tours
  • Spring
March, April, May, and June are good times to go to Paris for walking the city, museum visits, biking outlying regions, and the culinary vacation.  The weather in Paris is temperate from March to May  (50-75 F) and the city will not be too crowded.  
  • Summer
July and August are high season and the time when many Paris shops close for vacation.  Accommodations could be scarce in June July August.  some restaurants and shops close the month of August.  
  • Fall
Weather is good in September October, great months to visit Paris.  
Showers could come in any month but will be of short duration.  Snow is rare
Do You need an International Driving Permit to Drive in Europe.
In France you can rent a car and do not need to show an International Permit, only your drivers license.
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Walk to the Louvre from the Rhone River
Institute de France
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