Patzcuaro Sightseeing, Places to See in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico,
Patzcuaro's Preserved Colonial Historic District offers Colonial churches for Sightseeing and Tourism.
Patzcuaro Hotels are plentiful and good bus service make the preserved Colonial Historic District a great place to sightsee.   Patzcuaro is small enough to walk to many colonial churches
Patzcuaro is renowned for wool textiles, artisan wood carving, copper work, and stone sculpture, much of it for sale in historic district shops and along the roads at the ruin sites.  Ceramic work and black pottery is offered along with metal art.
The 16th and 17th century churches and colonial buildings make the town of Patzcuaro Mexico a good destination for Tourism.
In the center of the Historic District of Patzcuaro colonial churches have been preserved.  Patzcuaro's Central Historic District  is small enough for walking to the churches and the museum.
Patzcuaro offers several Colonial era churches within a walk of the old plazas,   This same area offers the Basilica and the Museum of Art and Industry.
Markets form around the small plaza called  Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra or Plaza Chica.  Friday is market day.        Good bus service from Morelia and Guadalajara reaches the central bus station, a short cab ride to the center of the town.
Micros (vans)  or shared taxis (collectivos) cover every area of the town and outlying towns with inexpensive transportation.  
Patzcuaro shows its colonial preservation in its cohesive look and in its well preserved colonial architecture.  The town is designated one of the 100 World Treasure Historic Cities by the UN.   The is noted for the production of stone and wood carvings, musical instruments, copper art, wool textiles, and black pottery which artisans sell in many roadside shops and in the easily walked historic district.
Patzcuaro's Museo de Artes e Industres Populares is a short walk from the town center.  The museum displays historic artifacts or the colonial period.  
Patzcuaro offers two plazas in the historic center surrounded by old churches and colonial era buildings.
Patzcuaro Hotels front the old Plazas in the center of the well preserved Colonial town and are in many locations in town.  El Refugio Hotel in the old Plaza Chica is an elegant new hotel in 17th century building.  
Transportation to Patzcuaro can be by First Class Bus from Guadalajara and Morelia.   Sightseeing includes the Tarascan ruin site and the colonial churches.
Patzcuaro Sightseeing includes the two plazas in the center of the well preserved Colonial town.  Parks and churches are popular sights in  Patzcuaro as are the Tarascan ruin sites near lake Patzcuaro that include Tzintzuntzan ruin site.
Patzcuaro's Museo de Artes e Industres Populares was built on the base structure of an ancient stone building that stood on the site in Prehispanic times   
Temple Sagrario started in the late 1600s
Patzcuaro's Museo de Artes e Industres Populares  displays historic artifacts of the industries of Patzcuaro's  Colonial period.  
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