Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster County is farm land where Amish families live a simple farm life.
  • Sightseeing Lancaster County
Sightseeing in the Penn Dutch Amish region of Lancaster County will have you sharing the road with the farmers of Lancaster County who ride the horse-drawn surrey  between the Villages of  Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse, Strasburg, and Paradise.
  • Roadside Shopping
They live a simple farm life free of modern electric and power conveniences. They don't drive cars, but get around in  horse-drawn carriages as they bring their goods to the shops and roadside stands where they sell  handcrafts and confections.
Penn Dutch farmers use draft animals to plow their fields and pull their wagons.
  • Penn Dutch Farmers
The Penn Dutch farmers  were invited by William Penn to settle in the area of Lancaster County.  Their modern name comes from the word Deutch or German, the original home of these simple Christian farmers who choose to live free of modern conveniences.
Visitor to Lancaster County will share the back roads and highways with horse-drawn coaches.  

During a Sunday ritual,  families gather at home visits after a wagon ride.
The carriage ponies are Standardbred retired from harness racing that the Amish buy at auction or breed on their farms.  

The large farm might have seven Belgians or Percherons to pull the plows, two draft mules to pull winnowers, and a trotter to pull the surrey used for the Sunday drive.
The young men will use the open coach in the Sunday courting ritual.

It is a common sight to see the open carriage pulled by the thoroughbred and Morgan crosses on the roads and highways of Lancaster County.
Penn Dutch, Lancaster, PA, Sightseeing Vacation, Lancaster County
A Penn Dutch Sightseeing Vacation in Pennsylvania Dutch Farm Country will include Lancaster and Strasburg sightseeing, shopping, and steam trains in farm country where the Amish of German heritage live a simple farm life.
Sightseeing In Penn Dutch Amish Lancaster County
Strasburg dinner train at the Strasburg Railroad
The Penn Dutch Amish Family uses the covered coach for family visits and church service
Hershey Factory
Strasburg  train rides, dinner train  
    Sightseeing Lancaster County
There are many Lancaster area attractions for the sightseeing vacation.  
  • Strasburg Steam Trains
The Strasburg Railroad runs Steam Trains that are a top attraction with their dinner rides.
  • Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Just across the road find the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and its historic displays devoted to steam trains.
  • Red Caboose Motel
Near the museum, you can find the motel made up of old rail cars, mainly cabooses, The Red Caboose Motel.  (Ronks) From there find the gift shop and    
  • Buggy Rides
Buggy Rides in Paradise where you can board a coach for a horse-drawn trip through the Amish farm country.
  • The Quilting Museum,   People's Place Quilt Museum will display the Amish quilts.   
  • Working Farm and Museum
  • Amish Penn Dutch Engineers Historical Museum   At the Rough and Tumble Engineer's Historical Association
see antique construction equipment
  • Horsedrawn Carriages
The first time visitor to Lancaster County will be surprised to see the Sunday ritual when the young men of Lancaster County borrow Dad's top-down buggy for a horse-drawn cruise around town.  The carriage ponies are the Standardbred meant for the track and bought at auction by the horse-savvy Amish farmers. When the carriage horses high-step down Route 30, the visitor gets a look back a few hundred years.
Penn Dutch came from the word Deutch or German, the original home of these simple Christian farmers who live a life free of modern conveniences.
The Cloisters, a religious group built a settlement that is now a museum to their life
Sharing the road with a horse-drawn carriage
  • National Toy
Train Museum,
300 Paradise lane,  

  • Amish Village
On route 896, visit a preserved Amish farming village.
How to Reach Amish Penn Dutch Country:
By Auto:  From the south take Route 95 to Baltimore, Route 83 to York (Harley Factory). Route 30 to Lancaster,
From the north,: Route 95 to Philadelphia and then Routes 76, 202 and 30 to Lancaster. From the west, Harrisburg
By air: Philadelphia Airport and rental car
When to Go To Amish Penn Dutch Country:   April is a good month to visit because you might combine your visit to Amish country with a visit to Longwood Gardens where on the second or third week in April the tulip gardens are in full bloom.  Otherwise May until October are good months to visit and enjoy outdoor activities..
Hershey Park Penn
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Pennsylvania Dutch sightseeing in Lancaster County  includes stream train rides, train museum, shopping, golf and history museums.
Penn Dutch farmers use draft animals to plow their fields and pull their wagons.
Sightseeing, shopping,
steam trains
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