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The website is a travel planning website written by contributors who love to travel.
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The SoftSeatTravel website is provided as a service to both travelers and travel writers.  We pay for submissions based on the revenue generated by the article derived from the advertising on the site.  The advertising contributes to the cost of maintaining the site and returns a portion to the writer/photographer.  
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We offer timely info about festivals and events with a focus on The USA, France, Italy, Mexico, and world cruises.  
The site is intended to be a service for travelers.  We supply information based on our contributor's first-hand knowledge of the destination, information that can be a resource for travelers.  We publish photos by the contributors that we hope can be an inspiration for travelers.
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The Softseattravel  website receives 15,000-30,000 page views each month from around the world.
For the photographer/travel writer, we can provide a showcase for your work that can be a means of gaining web presence and a sales tool/portfolio to use in communicating with editors. A byline credit and Bio will accompany each article and photo.  
We will link to your other sites or blogs.
Editors are increasingly accepting email proposals(query) but not opening attachments. The best way to reach them with a sample of your work is to have work on a website  and send the editor a link to the website in the body of the email.  We will assist with the editing of  your work at your request and we will try to make it a showcase for your work. Your article on these pages could be your link to travel and photo editors.  
You retain rights to your photos and articles.  
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For the dedicated traveler, the website can be a fun place to see your photos and text and may inspire you to take your love of travel and photography further and submit your work to paid sites or to the print media.
We are always looking for new, appropriate travel content and we welcome your submission.  We will try to include every submission with limited or no editing but we retain the right to edit submissions for brevity and clarity.
You the travel writer/photographer will retain all rights to your work.  We make no claim to your work and will remove your work from the site immediately at your request.
Articles can be first person or third person, funny, inspirational, and we hope, helpful to other travelers.

We look forward to including your writing and photography in the pages of

Sincerely,  David Hilbert, Editor

Writers Guidelines;

Make contact first and then send material via the web in an email.    info(at)softseattravel(dot)com
                                                                                                        (@)                       (  .  )
5"x 7" max at 100 dpi/ppi max     (8 bit jpeg, Highest Quality jpeg)   Please use restraint on sharpening and saturation   12-20 Photos approximately for a one to three-page spread.

  • Text:
Can be caption information only for a photo feature.   Otherwise send 200-800 words (800max)  for a several-page feature article.  

Create in MS Word or other,  Arial or Times New Roman  at 12 font if possible.

Bio text: Times New Roman 12 font,  25 words Max.  Please keep Bio relevant to photography, writing, and  travel.
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Sample of Contributors Work
Slow reading: An eight-month  backpack tour of south America by bus  :
Adds on the site generate revenue that pays for the site and will return a portion to the writer/photographer.  Adds are kept appropriate to travel
Nancy Santry Photo
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