Provence Cooking, Culinary Vacation, South of France, Olive Oil and Herbs of Provence
You will find that some villages discourage picking wild spices in the hills but in others there will be no shortage.
A foraging trip in the hills for
wild rosemary and  thyme will replenish your stash of Herbs de Provence. The herbs grow abundantly beside the trails.
Picking the fresh sprigs of rosemary and thyme will enhance your cooking adventure and give a special meaning to your meals.
You can bring a
jug to the olive oil mill and fill up with first cold press oil to replace butter and vegetable oils in all your subsequent meal.  The oil is reputed to be better for health
A day of cooking Provence style could involve gathering fresh vegetables, herbs, wine, and bread from the local markets.
The myriad hiking trails marked on the maps and visible everywhere between the olive groves could provide the  
Rosemary and thyme from well-worn trails made as much by sheep and goats as by man.
Legend has it that the lamb roast you buy at the butcher will have a promise of meat seasoned with sage and thyme from within; the animals in the hills have a diet rich in rosemary, sage, and thyme, they say, the herbs that grow wild in the hills and plants that form the basis of
Herbs de Provence, the legendary spice combination that is, along with first cold press olive oil and fresh vegetables, the heart of Provencals cooking.
The cuisine of Provence: simplicity and at the same time complexity. How can food taste so good while at the same time be good for you.
That riddle reveals itself when you read that olive oil is the only vegetable oil that comes from the fruit and not from the nut or seed.  It replaces the use of butter; ubiquitous in the north of France but used sparingly in Provence. The oil in Provence is both vegetable and fruit in a miraculously cholesterol-friendly blend of high HDL and low LDL. It compliments simple fare elevated by the ancient rustics to fine art.
Culinary Pilgrimages started with books like those from Julia Child and then, "A Year In Provence" by Peter Mayle which sent a stream of British weekenders and vacationers looking for warmer climes.
Rock bottom prices on flights out of London by Ryan Air has kept the flow steady and now a book, "Heat" by Bill Bufford, extolling the virtues of learning to cook in the villages, has kept the demand up while prompting the landlords in Provence to offer fully outfitted kitchens along with their rentals for the vacationing hobby cook.
Notable celebrity Chef Authors like Patricia Wells have continued the tradition with cooking schools.
Hobby cooks having no pretense to being chefs have headed for Provence for a few weeks or a month to learn to cook as much as possible like a Provencals. No better place to learn than in Provence.
Provence Cooking while on a Culinary Vacation in the South of France will include Olive Oil and the wild Herbs found in the hills of Provence.  
These spices are also available in the markets. Cook with  
first cold press olive oil and prepare Provence style meals in your own kitchen in a vacation rental or holiday villa.  A cooking adventure can make a vacation in Provence a memorable event.
Provence Cooking,
A Culinary Vacation In The South of France
Provence Cooking, a Culinary Vacation in the South of France
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There are many rental houses in Provence but finding one with a full kitchen might take a little time. Finding one that has nearby markets within walking distance and is still off the beaten tourist track will take some searching.  Check out this one in Mouries, a small farming village  that offers a full kitchen, gas heat, oven, and nearby markets.
Herbs of Provence: the herbs growing in the hills of Provence could include lavender, thyme, rosemary, savory, and basil; thyme and rosemary, the most common growing wild.  
Provence Cooking while on a Culinary Vacation in the South of France will include Olive Oil, Herbs of Provence, and the seasonal produce.
Meals prepared in your vacation rental or holiday villa will make a Culinary Vacation in Provence memorable.
Provence Cooking while on a Culinary Vacation in the South of France will include Olive Oil, Herbs of Provence, and the seasonal produce,wines, and artisan cheeses that will make a Culinary Vacation in Provence memorable.
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Shop for your rental car online well  ahead of your trip and choose diesel (more economical) or gas, luggage space,(important)  standard or automatic,(important)  two door, four door and other options.    
Provence Cooking, Roast Chicken with Provence Herbs
Roast Chicken with Provence Herbs is a favorite of Provence cooking in the South of France.
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