Provence Cooking Easy Recipe: Egg Plant, Tomato, Olive Oil and Herbs of  Provence
Cumin and other spices from the south make their way to Provence through Marseilles and mix with  Provence favorites: local produce, fruits, local wines, and the magic Herbs de Provence gathered in the hills.
Going out to dinner lets you know just how you are doing in your own cooking adventures. Lunch in Goult, a beautiful hill town near Gordes, proves interesting and has nice eye appeal.  There are rentals in Goult where a stone windmill at the top of the hill makes this town a great walk.
Salon de Provence
Eygalieres, a great place for hiking and biking
The hills near Eygalieres provide great hiking and biking and the fresh thyme and rosemary for your evening meal
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After hiking you don't care to of a meal. Egg plants tomatoes, thyme, rosemary, grated Parmesan and Camargue sea salt with first cold pressed olive oil make an egg plant dish that takes 15 minutes to prepare and then bakes for one hour while you get some relax time.
Slice the eggplant in half and lay on the flat baking pan.  Sprinkle with olive oil and fresh thyme or an Herbs de Provence mix. sprinkle on a little goats cheese. Next cover the eggplant with tomato halves.. Surround with rosemary and bake until the tomato caps brown.  
The tomatoes bake and take on a sun dried tomato taste.  This one makes up in taste for any lack of eye appeal.
Provence in June brings all the ingredients fresh to market. The foraging trips to the hills provide the herbs, the local vineyards and olive oil mills the rest; it gets no better then cooking in Provence in the spring.
Rain Rodolph Photo
Rain Rodolph Photo
Served on a Provence Tablecloth
Try Provence Cooking with this Easy Recipe of  egg plant and tomato that includes the Herbs thyme, and rosemary with grated Parmesan.  The Camargue Sea Salt with first cold pressed olive oil marks this as Provence style.  This egg plant dish takes 15 minutes to prepare and bakes for one hour.
Not much to look at but simple and delicious. Serve with salad, Camargue sea salt , and Cote du Rhone
Provence Recipes will often include first cold press Olive Oil and Herbs de Provence
Provence recipe, Egg plant
Provence Cooking includes this easy Recipe for Egg Plant and Tomato with Olive Oil and Herbs of  Provence.
Low fat recipe for an egg plant and tomato that includes thyme, rosemary, grated Parmesan and Camargue sea salt with first cold pressed olive oil.
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